game for nerdy dudes how to get that pussy if your a nerd

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out we got a hella good comment from this chick she didnt leave a name just a email address but its whatever. heres the comment

I would never respond to those stupid lines that you claim get you laid. And I certainly do not respond to one liners. I make my men work for it because I know losers like you exists. I know I’m using big words for you right now. Trash attracts trash so if you think these girls are dumb take a good look in the mirror. Birds of the same feather flock together.


chicks are always sayin shit like game wont work on them im too smart or whatever thing is tho some times you gotta switch up your game. like this chick is hatin because she likes nerds. you too can be a legit PUA even if your a nerd. heres how

1. be a nerd. that means wear Nerd glasses, wear a  Sweater &play video games that are  NOT call of duty.  im talkin stuff like finel fantasy
2. find a chick that likes nerds. heres a good example that chick shes into nerds for shure. fat chicks are hella into nerds so you may wanna find a fat chick for Pracktus.

3 – you gotta run smart game. game for nerd dudes is pretty much the same but dont be bustin out the coke like ushual.   nerd dudes just gotta go up to you &be like “yo whaddup its f-close frank (or whatever your name is), check this out but are those real glasses. do you wanna hit the museum then later lemme get a crack at that pussy” Shits hella smart no lie.

also japanese chicks love nerds so check out some japanese chicks

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you can tell shes hella smart cuz shes wearin glasses son

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the worst blow out i ever seen

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out went out last night &was pretty drunk hanging at the bar its whatever. was catchin eyes wit h this chick w/hella fly tatoos &gettin ready to approach outta no where here comes this whole fuckin pack of AFCs. im talkin like 5 of em

this dude rolls up w/this hella big smile like he just sucked the biggest dick in the gay bar.  hes all ‘hi im melvin. ”  no shit dudes name was acshully melvin. mad AFC for shure. any way shes all ‘yo im just tryin to talk to my girl what the fuck get outta here.” then this other AFC little asian guy with spikey hair comes up in his suit tryna buy drinks. no shit here comes a 3rd AFC dude looks like a fuckin farmer or some shit but with glasses all talkin to tatoo chicks friend. 2 more dudes just orbit around the chicks

anyway tatoo chick was like a boxer or some shit. she gets hella pissed &strait up sucker punches melvin in the face. was laughin hella hard dude got blasted not gonna lie. so asian dude is all “yo whaddup are you talkin shit.’ tatoo chick thinks hes talkin to her so she fuckin blasts this dude all boxing style too. farmer dude mean while is showin up with hella drinks for the chicks &his homies are Nocked out by this chick. he sees that shit &bails back to his Tracter or wherever farmer dudes hang out

any way lesson learned son dont worry about Approach anxiety. no matter how bad you fuck up a Approach you aint fuckin up as bad as melvin. Get out there &get that pussy

here’s some big fake tits for Motivashun

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what if you 2 pump chump a chick

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out one time i got a notch &hella fucked that shit up i mean like bad son. i was fuckin around with her tryin to ge t her to bang &it took like 2 hrs i was hella turnt up plus she had a hella good pussy

so when i Finallly got her to let me bang straight up i 2 pump chumped it. that means i busted a Nut like 20 secs after i put my dick in her pussy. thats also called pre mashure ejackulashun son dont do it

anyway shit happens bro heres how you recover

1. you gotta hit it again. just be all like “yo check this out your hella fly so i busted a nut hella quick but for real tho were doin it again” then you bang her out when your fresh. shit works for real

2. fuck it bro sometimes its game over. i done it a couple a times to chicks &for real they some times wont give you 2 chances. all you gotta do is say fuck it &find a new chick. dont call again shes gonna think your a hella big chump anyway dont make it worse. fuck it tho just remememeber your the man no big deal.

thats it son thats how you recover from a 2 pump chump heres some big fake tities

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shit will make you nut hella fast

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what do you do if a chick doesnt text you back

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out a lotta times chicks give you there Number but there hella dumb &forget you are a Playa or just are takin a shit or whatever &never anser the text. so what you gonna do son

heres what you do its hella easy &thats dont do shit. dont be hittin her up a bunch thats thirsty as fuck playa dont do it. forget the bitch &find a diffrent bitch

i was bangin this chick &she gets a text from some Orbiter all “hey whats up ;)’ you can tell hes hella AFC cuz he uses smiley faces like a fag. she didnt anser for like 5 mins cuz its fuck time &check htis out the AFC acshully sends like 5 more Texts. hes all worried like “yo are you hangin out with f-close frank i herd hes got hurpies.’ hes wrong playa get your dick checked but for real the chick was laffin at him cuz he buys her shit all the time never gets a pity HJ or nuthin

mad afc son again don’t do it one text thats it

heres some big fake tities hell yeah

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do fat chicks have a loose pussy

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out last  Summer i was bangin this chick that had a hella loose pussy. im talkin you start off w/3 fingers in her pussy you could get 4 in no prob bet i coulda fisted this chick. talked to dave hes all “yo bro why didnt you fist her” anser is i dunno

anyway i was readin my boy nigel hes gettin that fat pussy . i was thinkin do fat chicks have a loose pussy or do they have a regular pussy. or is it like tite cuz theres alotta fat pushin the pussy togheter

i dunno never banged a fat chick son so whatss up do fat chicks have a loose pussy or what

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f-close frank teams up with dad & they fuck Cougers

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out if youre game sucks dick theres a easy way to get that pussy &thats by bangin cougers. a couger is a old chick thats lookin to get some dick from Younger dudes. shits hella easy son check it out heres what went down.

yesterday i went to this old dude bar with my dad cuz its his bday so had to buy him shots. respect youre elders playa

anyway we went to the vfw which sucks dick to hang out its all dudes. i was all “dad its youre birth day you gotta get that pussy son “(even tho i am his acshual son). so i took him to skybar out by the beach there was hella cougers son im talkin mad thirsty old ladies. dad is a OG playa so i let him do his thing pretty soon hes makin out with some old lady hell yeah.

i was checkin out these couger chicks w/fake tities &this old lady comes up. shes all “whaddup lemme buy you a drink. lemme get a crack at that dick. ‘ im all whoa usuaaly i gotta bust out some coke or somthin to ge tlaid that qucik but fuck it why not. she was mad old but had fake tities so pretty soon im gettin my dick sucked in the bath room. tried to bang but her pussy was mad dry. maybe its cuz shes hella thirsty

anyway im hearin somebody fuckin in the Other stall so after i nut in grandmas hair i was all yo dad you gettin that pussy?” hes like “whaddup frank hell yeah’ so we high fived over the stall

after that the cougers were all like what the fuck did you just high five. me &dad were all hell yeah buy us shots its dads bday. cougers are mad easy &got that mom instict so they got us wasted for free

i was sick of gettin my dick sucked so me &dad went back to my place &played xbox pretty much best birth day ever.

happy bday dad heres some big fake tities

big fake tits old lady


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happy skanksgiving

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out skanksgiving is tomorrow so heres hwat you gotta do. tonight its game time playa go out &get youre self a skank. you know all the chicks out tonight are skanks cuz if theyre good girls theyd have a boy friend already not be huntin for dick.

also read this classic bang some chicks post from dave turkey day game that will make her gobble your giblets. dtf dave teaches you how to get that thanksgiving pussy get out there stuff that skank turkey son

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hang out with chicks &get free shit

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out some times im all “yo shuld i hang out with this chick if we aint fuckin”. the anser is yes some times chicks can be good for stuff besides gettin that pussy one of thos ethings is gettin free shit

ok so a bunch of dudes are mad thirsty &will pretty much do anything for a chick to pay attention that means if your with a chick send her in to get pizza or whatever. usualy theres gonna be some hella thirsty AFC thinkin all “yo if i give this chick free chips im gonna get that pussy” but really shes thinkin “what a nice guy check it out free chips” shit is a chump move son dont be givin chicks free shit. shit make em pay doubel.

for real tho AFCs are everywhere might as well take advange get out there find a chick make her get some free shit playa

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hell yeah you kno shes gettin hella free shit from dudes

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how to pick up chicks at the Library

yo whaddup its f-close frank. chcek this out  if you like nerd chicks theres a hella good place to pick em up its called the Library. if you didnt kno its a place where they got books &nerd chicks love books

anyway so i was walkin around hileah &had to take a shit saw the Library on w 49th figured you could shit there for free. turns out you  can hell yeah so i take a hella big shit &then i see this nerd chick with big titties. i could tell shes a nerd cuz she had glasses &was readin a BOok. i was alll ‘yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out that looks like a hella good book but is that 50 shades of Grey.” shes all hell yeah have you read it. i was all yeah its hella good anyway i got some coke do you wanna do some then ill domanate that pussy be hind the book shelf.” pretty soon i was boucin those tities around for real son shit is non ficshun

for real tho shits hella easy  go to the library get mad pussy &maybe read a book

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