what if you 2 pump chump a chick

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out one time i got a notch &hella fucked that shit up i mean like bad son. i was fuckin around with her tryin to ge t her to bang &it took like 2 hrs i was hella turnt up plus she had a hella good pussy

so when i Finallly got her to let me bang straight up i 2 pump chumped it. that means i busted a Nut like 20 secs after i put my dick in her pussy. thats also called pre mashure ejackulashun son dont do it

anyway shit happens bro heres how you recover

1. you gotta hit it again. just be all like “yo check this out your hella fly so i busted a nut hella quick but for real tho were doin it again” then you bang her out when your fresh. shit works for real

2. fuck it bro sometimes its game over. i done it a couple a times to chicks &for real they some times wont give you 2 chances. all you gotta do is say fuck it &find a new chick. dont call again shes gonna think your a hella big chump anyway dont make it worse. fuck it tho just remememeber your the man no big deal.

thats it son thats how you recover from a 2 pump chump heres some big fake tities

hot brunette big fake tits white lingerie

shit will make you nut hella fast

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reader question is she cheatin on me or what

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out we got a hella good Reader  question from my boy gdub. hes all “Hi Frank,

I have a question. My girlfriend found a picture of another girl on my phone. (It’s from www.thechive.com) so I am clearly not in a relationship with the girl in the picture (although she is beautiful)! My girlfriend started crying, as she could not believe I had a picture of another girl on my phone. I mentioned this to a “player” friend and he said she is cheating on me. What do you think?’

ok bro 1sd the fuck you lookin at the chive for. shit is hella AFC. but for real tho she is def cheatin on you. heres why

1. chicks get hella Defesnsive when their cheatin. like she went crazy cryin over a pic of some chive chick you def arent bangin cuz youre AFC. a normal not cheatin chick will see the pic &be like “whatevs’ &just go on like nothing happened. Youre girl is def feelin guilty bro

2. either that or she is hella crazy. chicks are mad Crazy but even for chicks cryin cuz of a pic is xtra hella crazy so the Logicul  anser is that shes cheatin

there you go playa shes cheatin so get out there get some new pussy son heres some fake titites for motivashun

blonde girl big fake tits dick sucking lips

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what do you do if a chick doesnt text you back

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out a lotta times chicks give you there Number but there hella dumb &forget you are a Playa or just are takin a shit or whatever &never anser the text. so what you gonna do son

heres what you do its hella easy &thats dont do shit. dont be hittin her up a bunch thats thirsty as fuck playa dont do it. forget the bitch &find a diffrent bitch

i was bangin this chick &she gets a text from some Orbiter all “hey whats up ;)’ you can tell hes hella AFC cuz he uses smiley faces like a fag. she didnt anser for like 5 mins cuz its fuck time &check htis out the AFC acshully sends like 5 more Texts. hes all worried like “yo are you hangin out with f-close frank i herd hes got hurpies.’ hes wrong playa get your dick checked but for real the chick was laffin at him cuz he buys her shit all the time never gets a pity HJ or nuthin

mad afc son again don’t do it one text thats it

heres some big fake tities hell yeah

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game for gay dudes how to get that dick if your gay

yo whaddup its f close frank. check this out got a hella good Email qesshun from a dude named starstud1972. hes all “Hi Frank 🙂 You seem to have very good advice for meeting women. I am a gay man. Do you have any advice for your homosexual readers?”

1. all i kno about really is bangin chicks but if you live in Miami you see hella gay dudes so i asked this dude leather stan whats up with gettin that dick. leather stan works the door at this gay bar next to my uncles house so the dude is straight up a legit gay playa

2nt its hella easy to get that dick son. unlike w/chicks just goin up to a dude &showin him youre dick is a good opener. leather stan says always go with the dick opener shit works hella good

also you can just grab a dudes dick its ok in the gay bar

3rd wear Pants w/no ass gay dudes are all about that shit. gotta show your DTF son

4. basicaly you gotta remember that dudes like to fuck and gay dudes like to fuck other dudes. sounds pretty easy son your game is kinda like chick game (minus the fake Tities) just dont be ugly boom your gettin that dick

anyway there you go its hella easy to be a PUA if your gay for real tho you wont be gay after you check out these tities

real barbie blonde big fake tits


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book review 3 bromigos how to get laid online dating

yo whaddup its f close frank. check this out our boys in 3 bromigos put out this new ebook shit is hella good so check it out son

1st off 3 bromigos are hella legit playas son i seen pics of some chicks matt &bojangels banged &for real they are hella fly. (the chicks not matt &bojangels.) so these dudes know whats up esp with ok cupid. i never tried ok cupid so i read the e book that matt gave me &tryed it out

basically i already kno that chicks are hella dtf on ok cupid. im already hella good at Online dating but matts got a Sistum for bangin chicks even better than my shit on plenty of Fish. i got laid in like a week on ok cupid with matts openers &shit beleve me its mad easy esp in miami cuz chicks are hella big sluts.

for real if your a legit PUA you need this book shit has hella good Info plus its only 5 bucks so don’t be a fuckin broke ass support 3 bromigos &buy their shit.

click on this pic to get one

how to get laid on online dating


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how to get a chick to text you a pic of her tits

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out a lot of times dudes are askin ‘yo frank how come you got so many tit pics on youre fone” the anser is i get hella chicks to send me pics of there tits. heres how you do it playa

1.get a chicks number. can be at the mall, std clinc on plenty of Fish, whatever

2nd start textin her. you gotta be slick playa basicly you need to balence 3 things. be funny be sexshual & make her feel cumfortable but not too much. too many sex texts gonna freak her out too much comefort &your a pussy too funny your runnin clown game son

3 you gotta kno when the time is right bust this line “yo check this out whats youre best feeture” then shes ushally gonna hopefully say tities or ass boom playa thats when you say “prove it’. if shes all hell no then bust a joke be all “check this out youre a hella big prude but its cool how about just a bra pic insted.” thats de escalashun son shes prob gonna agree if she lies you then boom at leas t you got a bra pic even if you dont got tities. shit works every time check it out

skinny blonde big fake tits

hell yeah get you some tit pics son

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reader question should you bang youre cousin

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out we got a hella good question from this dude that wants to be anonimus. hes all “Hi Frank,

At Christmas dinner I noticed I have a very attractive cousin. Is it OK to game her?’

this is a hella good Qeustion  bro. the anser is it depends

ok so you gotta ask your self 1. is she hella hot

2. if she is than what if you get caught fuckin her in the other room while kids are gettin presents on xmas.

3 is she on the pill

if you ansered yes to #1 &3 then go for it playa. its like when you go to the dentist &youre gamin the chick at the desk you only see her like 1 time a year so fuck it why not. for real tho dont knock that pussy up or youre gonna have a hella weird lookin baby like hills have eyes shit. dont do it son

if you get caught tho youre family is gonna think “yo f-close frank (or whatever your name is) why are you balls deep in cousin kaitlyn” then you gotta lie be all like “check this out unkel jon for real tho she was bent over tyin her shoe while i was adjustin my Nuts. tripped &fell landed with my dick in her pussy shit happens son get over it.’ he’ll be all like ‘thats fucked up bro for real that is in sest.” but fuck him dudes a AFC anyway cuz he got kicked out of the Strip Club that one time.

there you  go playa keep it in the family. also read this shit dave wrote about gettin that pussy on thanks giving

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do fat chicks have a loose pussy

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out last  Summer i was bangin this chick that had a hella loose pussy. im talkin you start off w/3 fingers in her pussy you could get 4 in no prob bet i coulda fisted this chick. talked to dave hes all “yo bro why didnt you fist her” anser is i dunno

anyway i was readin my boy nigel hes gettin that fat pussy . i was thinkin do fat chicks have a loose pussy or do they have a regular pussy. or is it like tite cuz theres alotta fat pushin the pussy togheter

i dunno never banged a fat chick son so whatss up do fat chicks have a loose pussy or what

blonde chick black lingerie big fake tits

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how to Fuck with orbiters

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this shit out if your fuckin a decent lookin chick garanteed shes got mad Orbiters. whats a orbiter its when some chump dude hangs out buyin a chick all kinda shit like dinner or presents for no reason thinkin if he hangs out long enuf hes gonna get that pussy.

shits mad AFC dont do it son

anyway your gonna have to bust out mad defense on these fags heres how you do it. most chicks are gonna get pissed if your all “hey your a orbiter fuck off” so you gotta be Sneaky.

i been bangin this college chick &shes got mad Orbiters. the other day shes all “yo frank you wanna come to teh dorm &eat some dorm Food.” so im all hell yeah cuz free food is hella good. i see her &slap her ass then im gettin maddawged by this AFC turns out hes a Orbiter &hes all pissed cuz hes all about this chick im bangin. so of course i squeeze her tities in front of him boom son orbiter destroyed

then we went to eat some food this other orbiter wants to meet her there. like i give a shit dude is mad AFC hes goin down son. hes hella AFC like i figured &he looks like one of those high school shooting kids. dude was in the army &claims he had ptsd but i asked &he got kicked out cuz hes crazy so basically unlike legit army dudes this dude is a pussy

he wont say shit at dinner cuz hes hella Wierd but again im makin my chick laugh cuz im a legit PUA &she wants my dick. slapped her ass some more dude is lookin like hes gonna   shoot up  the cafeteerea. this other orbiter shows up &im all ‘yo check out homeboy dude hella looks like hes gonna shoot up the school” orbiter #3 runs off &tells the cops boom cops tear up homeboys room lookin for guns &shit. what a fag

anyway thats how i got rid of 3 orbiters in 1 nite give it a try shit is hella fun heres some tities

blond chick huge fake tits bikini by the pool


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