reader question is she cheatin on me or what

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out we got a hella good ReaderĀ  question from my boy gdub. hes all “Hi Frank,

I have a question. My girlfriend found a picture of another girl on my phone. (It’s from so I am clearly not in a relationship with the girl in the picture (although she is beautiful)! My girlfriend started crying, as she could not believe I had a picture of another girl on my phone. I mentioned this to a “player” friend and he said she is cheating on me. What do you think?’

ok bro 1sd the fuck you lookin at the chive for. shit is hella AFC. but for real tho she is def cheatin on you. heres why

1. chicks get hella Defesnsive when their cheatin. like she went crazy cryin over a pic of some chive chick you def arent bangin cuz youre AFC. a normal not cheatin chick will see the pic &be like “whatevs’ &just go on like nothing happened. Youre girl is def feelin guilty bro

2. either that or she is hella crazy. chicks are mad Crazy but even for chicks cryin cuz of a pic is xtra hella crazy so the LogiculĀ  anser is that shes cheatin

there you go playa shes cheatin so get out there get some new pussy son heres some fake titites for motivashun

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reader question can you get that pussy if your a dj

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check htis out we got a hella good reader Question. this dude dj freshbeatz is all ‘yo frank im a hella fresh dj but i aint gettin no pussy whats up. dont wanna be like bass nectar or skrillex theyre mad fags ”

heres the anser son if your a dj and you aint gettin pussy your fuckin up for shure. im always goin to dubstep concerts &this one time the dj got his dick sucked by this chick on x. you must be a shitty dj if you cant get that pussy other wise your probly hella weird so you gotta step up your game son.

1. dont be hatin on other djs. this one time i saw a hella funny slap fight from 2 djs cuz one was hatin. you dont wanna be in a dj slap fight son youll get lauhged at for real
2 get a better dj name not gonna lie dj freshbeatz sucks
3. get some coke or x
4 give it to some chicks so they hang out with you or pay em some money thats Social proof playa

for real tho get it togetheer &get that pussy

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