how to get a chick to text you a pic of her tits

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out a lot of times dudes are askin ‘yo frank how come you got so many tit pics on youre fone” the anser is i get hella chicks to send me pics of there tits. heres how you do it playa

1.get a chicks number. can be at the mall, std clinc on plenty of Fish, whatever

2nd start textin her. you gotta be slick playa basicly you need to balence 3 things. be funny be sexshual & make her feel cumfortable but not too much. too many sex texts gonna freak her out too much comefort &your a pussy too funny your runnin clown game son

3 you gotta kno when the time is right bust this line “yo check this out whats youre best feeture” then shes ushally gonna hopefully say tities or ass boom playa thats when you say “prove it’. if shes all hell no then bust a joke be all “check this out youre a hella big prude but its cool how about just a bra pic insted.” thats de escalashun son shes prob gonna agree if she lies you then boom at leas t you got a bra pic even if you dont got tities. shit works every time check it out

skinny blonde big fake tits

hell yeah get you some tit pics son

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check this out heres the right way to fuck chicks

bang some chicks search terms

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out i was readin unleesh the beef dude is hella funny check it out. anyway he s tellin you weird shit that AFCs google &find his blog. i asked a nerd how to find that shit turns out we got hella good  Search terms today so check em out

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yo whaddup its f-close frank.
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hell yeah as you can See hella dudes like seein pics of fake titties so if your checkin out bang some chicks lookin at titie pics make shure you read the articals might learn somethin son.

heres some more fake tities for that old dude that likes fake tities. get it son

old woman big fake tits camel toe

check it out hella big camel toe

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yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out been workin hard on the bang some chicks ebook. this shit is gonna be the best gide to gettin chicks for real son its all your gonna need to bang sexy chicks.

its gonna have every post from the bang some chicks site plus a bunch of new shit that wont be on the site. your gonna learn shit like this

1. gettin that pussy
2 dressin like a playa
3 how to score coke
4 strip clubs
5 bein a legit PUA

plus your gettin hella pics of fake titties just like on the site. shits gonna be sick best part its free just down load that shit& youll be a legit PUA in no time son. heres some tities

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yo whaddup its f-close frank. dave got put in jail for a few days takin over till he gets back. so check this out if you are a reguler bang some chicks Reader then you will know that  don juan john dropped this artical about fuckin your couch so if you havnt read it check it out.

anyway this shit has been blowin up. dudes all over have been fuckin there couches and gettin swole. check this dude out

Man Arrested For Having Sex With Sofa In Street


hell yeah dude is gettin it. sucks he got busted by the popo but its whatevs. next up we got aspiring PUA blaze fraser. i was  talking to him on Tiwtter and he’s all yo bro been bangin the couch. check it dude is on the right track for shure

fuckin the couch


there it is son if you are reading bang some chicks you will be a straigt up player in no time.

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