happy skanksgiving

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out skanksgiving is tomorrow so heres hwat you gotta do. tonight its game time playa go out &get youre self a skank. you know all the chicks out tonight are skanks cuz if theyre good girls theyd have a boy friend already not be huntin for dick.

also read this classic bang some chicks post from dave turkey day game that will make her gobble your giblets. dtf dave teaches you how to get that thanksgiving pussy get out there stuff that skank turkey son

skinny chick big fake tits high heels

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sad day for the PUA community DTF dave is in jail again

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out last week my boy dtf dave was out sellin weed to some kids no big deal but then he runs in to these chicks with big tities i dunno if they had fake tities but knowin dave probably cuz dave likes big fake tities. dave is slingin mad bags &he’s all “yo whaddup’ to these chicks theyre gettin high boom pretty soon both of them are suckin his dick cuz dave is a legit PUA.  later on were chillin at the pad cops break down the door theyre all ‘yo whaddup dave your supposed to be under arest you fucked up.’

dave is all “check this out bro am i under arrest for bein a legit PUA’ then he hi fived me shit was sick. then the cops beet his ass for a while cuz cops do that shit which you will know if you have ever watched the show cops

then theyre all like ‘check this out you sold these chicks some weed then they sucked youre dick even tho you are a legit PUA but that is against the law in florida boom goin to jail son” 14+14 does NOT equil over 18 in florida so if you get 14 year old chicks to suck your dick after you sold them a bag make shure it is legal first.

anyway dave vialated his probashun and hes back in jail turns out you cant sell drugs when you are on probashun. dont sell to nerds ESPESHULLY if they are from hialeah junior high school they will rat you out hella fast.

if you live in miami &like strip clubs hit me up need a new wingman while daves in jail. no AFCs tho

hot blonde mirror self shot big tits

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dtf dave gets a blow job from a stripper

yo whaddup it’s f-close frank. so last saturday me & dtf dave went out sargin like always hit a couple college partys but i blew a line of ritalin and wound up pukin in the sink. we bailed out so we wouldnt haveto clean that shit up because puke is gross.

anyway so we decided fukc the bars because there was lines and shit and we wanted to see some big tittys. we rolled in to the strip club and hi fived my boy josh the door dude cuz dave used to sell him coke and now we get in for free. w me and dave went to the bar and got some mad expensive drinks and found the stripper with the biggest fake titties i think her name was serenity or some shit like that. anyway we were the only dudes in the place who werent old as fuck so we straight gettin mad attention from chicks with fake tits. that serenity chick asks dave if he wants a lap dance and dave is all hell yeah i want a fuckin lap dance. he takes that chick to the back room and hands her 30$ for the lap dnace so i just chill and look at more tittys.

pretty soon dave rolls back and hes all whaddup with this stupid smile. im all whats up bro and he told me he hustled a blowjob out of that stripper chick which is not  a suprise since dave is a legit PUA and his game is mad tight esp wiht strippers. he didnt even pay money or anything so mad props. he was all bitchin his dick smells like mango stripper perfume tho

sexy stripper big tits

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