hang out with chicks &get free shit

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out some times im all “yo shuld i hang out with this chick if we aint fuckin”. the anser is yes some times chicks can be good for stuff besides gettin that pussy one of thos ethings is gettin free shit

ok so a bunch of dudes are mad thirsty &will pretty much do anything for a chick to pay attention that means if your with a chick send her in to get pizza or whatever. usualy theres gonna be some hella thirsty AFC thinkin all “yo if i give this chick free chips im gonna get that pussy” but really shes thinkin “what a nice guy check it out free chips” shit is a chump move son dont be givin chicks free shit. shit make em pay doubel.

for real tho AFCs are everywhere might as well take advange get out there find a chick make her get some free shit playa

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hell yeah you kno shes gettin hella free shit from dudes

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reader question can you get that pussy if your a dj

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check htis out we got a hella good reader Question. this dude dj freshbeatz is all ‘yo frank im a hella fresh dj but i aint gettin no pussy whats up. dont wanna be like bass nectar or skrillex theyre mad fags ”

heres the anser son if your a dj and you aint gettin pussy your fuckin up for shure. im always goin to dubstep concerts &this one time the dj got his dick sucked by this chick on x. you must be a shitty dj if you cant get that pussy other wise your probly hella weird so you gotta step up your game son.

1. dont be hatin on other djs. this one time i saw a hella funny slap fight from 2 djs cuz one was hatin. you dont wanna be in a dj slap fight son youll get lauhged at for real
2 get a better dj name not gonna lie dj freshbeatz sucks
3. get some coke or x
4 give it to some chicks so they hang out with you or pay em some money thats Social proof playa

for real tho get it togetheer &get that pussy

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game challunge scalp a bitch

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out got a new game challenge for you shit is gonna be off the hook.

k this weekend if your a legit pua get out there &when you get that pussy then you gotta scalp a bitch. if you dont know what scalpin a bitch ill tell you son.  when your bangin a hella ratchet chick. you know shes ratchet if she has 2 kids  but is still at the Club tryin to get AFCs to buy her drinks &shit the pussy is hella bad but you hit it anyway cuz its mad easy. anyway when your bangin thats when you gotta bust the scalp move

distrackt her by bein all like “yo your pussy is hella ok after havin 2 kids but check this out look over there” then when shes distracted boom son you gotta steal her weave off the top of her  head. me &dave got hella scalps we hide em in daves sock droor.

its hella easy esp if shes drunk or on coke get out there get that ratchet pussy &get your self a scalp son

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what if you gotta take a shit when your bangin a chick

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out   i was  bangin this chick &had to take a mad huge dump.  like right in the middle of when we were bangin not after.  prob cuz i ate taco bell bad move playa dont do it

anyway heres the deal when you gotta shit basicaly  be Smooth about it. dont just be all like “yo i gotta shit” other wise she wont be in the mood unless shes gotta shit too

heres what you do be all like ‘yo check this out your pussy is hella good but for real tho the heat game (or whatever team you like ) is on” shes  all what the fuck frank then when shes pissed sneak off hella quick &blow up the bath rooom. dont forget  get mad fresh with some Air Freshiner youre good to go son

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time to sling dick pua style

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out bang some chicks hasnt been gettin updated lately cuz 1.dave is still in jail &2. i got a girl friend like a couple months ago so i been bangin the same pussy

havin a girl friend is mad gay cuz you gotta do shit like take her to movies &buy her food. the good thing is you get pussy without havin to acshually run game all you gotta do is send her a Text &be like “yo whaddup are you done dancin for the night. head over to my place so we can do some  coke” boom youre gettin that pussy son. its kinda the same as regular pickup acshully.

so this chick had hella big tities which you guest it the titties were fake hell yeah. also she liked to clean my house while she was on coke but i had to dump her cuz she sucked some dudes dick at the Strip club she works at for free. ususally if she sucked a dick she gets paid &buys some coke so its whatever but if she sucks dick for free it is cheating

anyway gonna be slingin dick again pua style so theres gonna be some hella good Articals comin up like how to have a relashionship with a stripper. get that pussy son

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hittin on chicks with the 3 second rule

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out since its saterday heres a Game chalenge for when your out partyin later.

ok the 3 second rule is the rule where if yo u see a chick w/fake tities you got 3 seconds to go up &get her to show you the tities. you gotta do it in 3 seconds  otherwise you might get AA (aproach anxiety). its hella easy son just go up to a chick &be all “yo whaddup your hella fly but check this out do you have real or fake tities” if you are a legit PUA or she is drunk she will prob just show you the tities esp if you tell her you work for girls gone wild

if you are a regular AFC you might wanna start out in a Strip club until you get used to seein tities tho

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how to bang a native american chick

yo whaddup its f close frank. check this out last night i banged my first native american chick shit got crazy heres how i did it in case you want to bang a native american chick.

first off native american chicks hate white dudes so your gonna have to get your game on son. get your peecock on with some tradishonal native american bling. the more bling you got on the better native american chicks love that shit espeshully if its gold or dymonds. if you got bling on that makes chicks notice you at the club &tells chicks you got money like a legit PUA be careful tho native american chicks will come up and ask you if you are on disability &want you to buy drinks.  chump move son dont do it

hell yeah this is hella good native American bling

check this out this is hella good native American bling you best be takin notes son

ok next up you gotta open a native american chick this is what i said. “yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out you got a hella fly weave but are you native american.” she was laugin hella hard which is good cuz chicks love laughin. she’s all “check out this white boy” &i could tell her friends (also native american) are mad jellus. pretty soon im on the dance floor grindin on her big ass native american booty. we started makin out &went to the bath room to do some coke (this also works on japanese chicks) & wound up bangin. bad news tho she had full on national geografic tities shiit was hella gross not gonna lie. anyway got my nateive american chick notch &we got fryed chicken later

hell yeah native american chicks are hella fly

hell yeah native american chicks are hella fly

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sad day for the PUA community DTF dave is in jail again

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out last week my boy dtf dave was out sellin weed to some kids no big deal but then he runs in to these chicks with big tities i dunno if they had fake tities but knowin dave probably cuz dave likes big fake tities. dave is slingin mad bags &he’s all “yo whaddup’ to these chicks theyre gettin high boom pretty soon both of them are suckin his dick cuz dave is a legit PUA.  later on were chillin at the pad cops break down the door theyre all ‘yo whaddup dave your supposed to be under arest you fucked up.’

dave is all “check this out bro am i under arrest for bein a legit PUA’ then he hi fived me shit was sick. then the cops beet his ass for a while cuz cops do that shit which you will know if you have ever watched the show cops

then theyre all like ‘check this out you sold these chicks some weed then they sucked youre dick even tho you are a legit PUA but that is against the law in florida boom goin to jail son” 14+14 does NOT equil over 18 in florida so if you get 14 year old chicks to suck your dick after you sold them a bag make shure it is legal first.

anyway dave vialated his probashun and hes back in jail turns out you cant sell drugs when you are on probashun. dont sell to nerds ESPESHULLY if they are from hialeah junior high school they will rat you out hella fast.

if you live in miami &like strip clubs hit me up need a new wingman while daves in jail. no AFCs tho

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how to AMOG dudes at the mall

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out today im gonna  teach you haow to AMOG dudes at the mall. the mall is a hella good place to pick up chicks but theres gonna be a fuckin shit load of AFCs there to fuck with your game.

security gards are pretty much the biggest fuckin AFCs on the hole planet these dudes suck so bad they cant even be real pigs. if you spit shitty game at that jewish chick that runs the keyosk &sells that hand shit she will call mall secureity hella fast i seen it happen. anyway so if some lame rent a pig shows up you just go up and youre all “whaddup bro is that a real flashlight. have you ever beet any dudes ass with it”. if you show some intrest he will wanna talk about his dumb ass job there you go you amogged the fuck out of this dude. be careful hell wanna hang out and shit if you talk to him too long.

ok next up is the gay dudes that work at hollister. these dudes are a mad fuckin pain in the ass because a. they wanna touch your dick in the changing room and b. they will cockblock the fuck out of you if you try to hit on there chick coworkers. youre gonna have  to AMOG these dudes hard as fuck. first off you gotta be all “yo check this out they are havin a huge sale on sented butt lube at that candle store you should pick some up” usually this will send them runnin out of the store   the chicks are all yours son

last theres that fuckin fat manager guy that works at orange julyus. this dude is a huge fag and will cock block you hard when youre making out with the counter chick for free orange julyus. hes always like “yo counter chick i aint payin you to make out with fuckin random dudes get to makin orange julyus or else your fuckin fired’. basically you have to tell this dude that theres a fire in the back and he needs to put that shit out or else his stupid ass mall food shop is gonna burn down. dude will fuckin split like speedy gonzalez.

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how to write a good plenty of fish profile so you can fuck chicks

yo whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out a bunch of dudes have been askin about plenty of fish. i already posted some hella good openers for you to use so check out my profile and learn how  to get that pussy son. basicaly if you copy this shit you will get laid garanteed but write some other shit if you live in miami other wise chicks will think you are f-close frank which you arent


I am Seeking a Woman For Intimate encounter
Needs Test View his relationship needs Chemistry View his chemistry results
Do you drink? Yes (> 3/week) Do you want children? Undecided
Marital Status Single Do you do drugs? Yes
Pets No Pets Eye Color Brown
Profession dating coach Do you have children? No
Do you have a car? Yes Longest Relationship Under 1 year



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About Me

yo whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out i heard you can meat chicks on plenty of Fish. usually i just pick up chicks at the mall or strip Club
my job is dating coach i specalize in picking up women & teach other dudes how to do it so if you are a dude and you are reading this hit me up i will teach you to pick up chicks instead of just being some dude that jerks off all the time.if you are a stripper or just a regular chick with fake titties hit me up well do some coke
raw dog only tho

First Date

pretty much get hella faded
so there you go bro thats a hella good plenty of Fosh profile get out there get that pussy son

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