Reader question would you bang a retarded chick

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out we got a hella good reader question today its all like “yo whaddup bro would you or dave have sex with a retarded chick.”

both me &dave had sex with hella dumb chicks but never a chick that is acshully retarded. like has those retarded eyes or is really Strong. check this out tho if a retarded chick has fake tities prob would hit it not gonna lie.

dave is still in jail but i talked to him the other day & he was all “bro do you remember stephanie from high school. i banged her a couple of times in the janiters closet after gym class. she was in that speshal needs class but i dont think she was acshally retarded just hella dumb” she didnt even have fake tities but not that ┬ámany chicks in High school have fake tities at least not at the high school me &dave went to

so yeah guess we’d both prob bang a retarded chick as long as shes not that retarded

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