how to go to the clinic when you have a STD

yo whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out if you are a PUA garanteed you will get shit on youre dick at some point. dont worry about it too much the doctor can cure most things.

First off you are probably seeing that your dick is Itchy or kinda red or it hurts to pee or whatever. so if it doesnt go away after liek a month or so you should probably go to the doctor. this sucks because you will usually have to show a dude your dick. the doctor will probably bitch you out like hes your fuckin mom or whatever, maybe shove a q tip up your dick depending on what you have . usually its just sifallis and they just give you pills.   just dont fuck asian prostutes or mexican chicks otherwise you will get clamidia and that shit mad hurts like fuck trust me.

anyway get your ass to the clinic and get checked player

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Roosh 5 and banging chicks on there periods

when my boy F-Close Frank who writes this website page with me (our REAL names are NOT F-Close Frank or DTF Dave by the way but they really are starting with a f and a d) showed me in my gmail a link to roosh 5, i thought who is this guy who has to use latin to say 5 with a V, and why should i care what he says because he is NOT on any PUA blogroll that i read !!! why is he 5 and what happened to the other 4 of him?

but i still looked through the roosh 5 website page and found many good ideas even though he does NOT know how to speak in PUA terms and does not know the language of seduction as far as acronems go. but roosh 5 still knows his shit even if he doenst talk in PUA terms

i think all my followers and fans should read the post you can find at because it is fucking awesome. i am going to tell my little brother to add roosh 5 to the blogroll

since i am a REAL PUA and since i do NOT take a week off from thrusting dick every month, i have banged at least a hundred chicks on their period so i know what roosh 5 says is right. but what about men who are nervous about this and want to practice first to make sure they can actually handle the great menstrual menace ?   the answer is simple and something i have NOT done recently but i DID do when i was first starting out becoming a PUA when i was maybe 13 or 14 or 15 years old. here is what you do to practice fucking a girl who is on her period before you try it IRL

one- make sure you know when it is your moms or your sisters period time. you can usually tell because they turn into a complete bitch and never go anywhere without a purse (that is where they hide there tampons in)

two- collect the used tampons they throw in the trash in the bathroom even if youre not allowed in your sisters bathroom sneak in there any way and get them

three- wrap each tampon in saran rap very tightly to keep in the moisture (pastic sandwich bags and aluminum foil WILL NOT WORK AS GOOD so use saran rap)

for- go to the refridgerator your dad has in the garage for his beers and put the tampons into the freezer.dont put them in the kitchen freezer or your mom will find them and cry and send you to a clinic for evaluation that one time when i was 13

five- wait until you have collected about 20 used tampons then take them out of the freezer

six- BEFORE the tampons thaw out, use a empty toilet paper roll as a guide then form the tampons all around. tie them together in a round shape like a love tunnel with kite string or a shoe string if its from a pair of shoes you never want to ware again

seven- when nobody is home, FIND A PRIVATE SPACE like your bedroom with a lock on the door where you can practice sex and not be bothered. you should be close to the bathroom though because this is going to get messy

eight- when you are alone and you have a porn picture to get your cock rock hard, quickly thaw out and warm up the tampons with your sisters hair dryer

nine- when the tampon collection is warm, pull the empty toilet paper roll out quickly and stick your cock inside. YOU WILL BE SURPRISED at how the warm and wet tampon tunnel feels JUST LIKE A PUSSY

ten- fuck the tampon roll and keep looking at your porn picture until you bust a nut inside. if your dick is small and you do not the same gerth as a empty toilet paper roll (NOT A PROBLEM FOR ME BUT IT MIGHT BE FOR YOU) then use your hand to squeeze the tampon tunnel until it is tight enough around your cock to make you cum

after you do this, you will know EXACTLY what its like to fuck a skank when she is on her period !!! it is virtualy the exact same thing and feels like it to !!! now all you have to do is decide if you liked it or not and if the blood on your dick and hands that leaked down your balls and pooled around your asshole grosed you out or not.   AND THEN you will no if you want to try to fuck a bitch when she is bleeding down there

i’m DTF Dave. its all about the dick, so look down to see whats up. stay cla$$y, player.

would you bang this chick while she was on her period ? HELL YES YOU WOULD so dont lie lol !!!

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Turkey day game that will make her gobble your jiblets

i shoudnt make a article today because of my family is here at my moms for thanksgiving day which i call kill the indians day as a joke, but i had to share with you the mad game i just laid down on my cousin. now i know what you are thinking ‘DTF Dave wants to bang his cousin so hes spitting his game at her’ but no that is not the case. SHE IS JUST GOOD TOO PRACTICE ON and a player must practice his game when he can even if it is on his cousin at thanks giving !!!

cousin Becky is good to practice on because she is hot and is the type and age of girl i try to add to my PUA stable. she is a perfect target to practice on before i go to bars and open sets who do not contain my cousins. do you understand that? good then ok

so without any AA since she is my cousin and already at my table (and i do NOT HAVE AA ANYWAY) here is the opener i practiced on her that created a mad BT spike in the room !!!

i said to her ‘do you want another peace of turkey’ and she said ‘no’ then i said immediately ‘would  you want to be stuffed’ and she said ‘that is a inappropriate thing to say in front of my husband and children’

HAHAHAH !!! she pretended to be offended by my bold alpha opener, but that bitch kept giving me IOIs for the rest of the day. if she were not my cousin I KNOW SHE WOULD GIVE ME HER NUMBER. most guys think a bold statement like that would make you C&B but it is not true beacause bitches like a man who is bold and not afraid to say bold things that are of the SEDUCTION type.

and just because she is my cousin does not mean she is not totally fuckable even though her twat is probably stretched out from having kids. but i will still not fuck my cousin and i am just joking about her twat for the record.

i’m DTF Dave. its all about the dick, so look down to see whats up. stay cla$$y, player.

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i swear to god my cousin is as hot as this and fuckable if she wasnt my cousin !!!

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top 15 PUAS of 2012

yo whaddup its f-close frank. was readin up on some pua shit today while i was on the can and saw PUAlingo had a list of the top 15 puas of 2012. most of these dudes are rad like david deAngelo or style but i saw some new names on there and checked out their shit. really diggin on real social dynamics and rooshv these dudes are real shit. straight up though who the fuck is neil skywalker all up in the comments dude looks like he is homeless.   anyway check out rooshv and RSD if you want to pump up your Game and stop sucking when you talk to chicks.

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How to identify and give dick to a classy bitch

any real PUA worth a shit knows that his stable needs a good mix of dirty bitches and classy ladies. the classy ones can be expensive because theyre used to motherfuckers taking them to upscale places like red lobster or olive garden, but thats the hazards of the PUA lifestyle. YOU HAVE TO PAY TO PLAY THE GAME PLAYER

normerly i only keep one classy bitch around because they can be very demanding. they get bigger than theirselfs because they plan to go to college for a few years even though its  just a diploma program at some lame college that advertises during maury Povich and shit. trying to keep a bitch like that in check is hard because theyre the type to call the cops on you if you show to much alpha dominance.

but we all have parties and church to go sometimes so its good game to have at least one girl around that’s not a complete ho. usually they fall completely for my game because my skills are better then most guys i know out there. it aint hard to dick a classy bitch but it is hard to find one since most girls at the club and on the street are complete skanks. heres three things to look for to identify a classy bitch.

one- a classy bitch who i will now abreveate to ‘cb’ will wear a black bra. sluts wear that cheap white lace shit they get from the walmart because babby daddy didn’t pay support or her check didn’t come. but the cb will ware something she can be proud of and show that she is not at the bottom of the bucket. a black brazere will do just that.

two- a cb will always have a smart phone case that didn’t come from amazon or one of those kiosk things in the mall ( when i say smart phone i am talking about an iphone or one of those phones that works and looks like an iphone but isn’t a iphone).

three- a cb will  have all her tattoos and piercings done by a professional. nobody enjoys a good nipple piercing party more than me because the view is awesome with girls piercing each other ones titties out in the open, but  a true cb gets her shit poked thru by a real piercer. and for ink she does not have fucking stupid butterfly and pixie wing shit tht came from a stencil at a shit parlor near the club. a cb will search out a TRUE PROFESSIONAL ARTIST to work on her and SHE WILL HAVE ORIGIONAL ART on her body because it is her sacared canvas


i’m DTF Dave. its all about the dick, so look down to see whats up. stay cla$$y, player.

motorcycle porn hot girl

notice the black bra. classy bitch (or cb as i call it) !!

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Doing it the REAL doggie style

first of all, i am a hardcore PUA so if you think this posting is going to be about how to do a bitch from behind or how you can pick up a girl while you walk your dog YOU ARE A LOSER. i don’t fuck with junior high player shit like that.

there is a lot of science made by doctors that show that people have behavior. one way to use that behavior to your advantage is by being suggestive and setting the stage for your dick to come out and play with fresh sweet pussy. but sometimes a bitch won’t give it up easy because she has jesus in her heart or a husband in the other room or something, and you have to be player smooth about your seduction. that’s where REAL doggie style comes in to play. all you need is a pooch, some peanut butter TONS OF GAME and a hot bitch you really want to dick.

first you want to set a romantic mood. candles are expensive and they burn you if you touch them, so just shut off all the lights and turn the tv on instead. BE SURE TO PUT IT ON MUTE so that she is not distracted by the sound.

then go into your bedroom and spread peanut butter on your dog’s balls. when your dog walks into the living room and starts licking his sack, this will make the girl hot. not because she wants to suck off the dog because that would be sick. its because science says that when a woman will see a sex act even if it is just suggested, she will get hot and start wanting sex herself.  you cannot set a suggestive sexy mood by masturbating yourself because that would tip her off to your motives and she may walk away. you have to be SUGGESTIVE so that’s where the dog comes in. it’s a little mind trick of suggestive hornyness you are creating for her.

this is a very smooth player move that sets the mood for slaying fresh pussy. it will help if you get a dog that is black and white so it will subliminally remind her of a tuxedo. bitches like to be classy, and a TRUE ALPHA knows how to be classy.

the only thing is to be careful with the peanut butter. one bitch had an allergic reaction to it even though i’m suspicious how she got that close, and i later learned that something i stepped in wasn’t peanut butter after all. now my shoes stank. but pound for pound, doing it REAL doggie style is where it’s at. are you MAN ENOUGH to try it?

i’m DTF Dave. its all about the dick, so look down to see whats up. stay cla$$y, player.

smoking hot girl in short shorts

science shows hot chicks like dogs

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Grandma game: beat that old pussy up like a champ!!!

today i’m going to teach you how to run straight up bag of bones PUA game and stick it to grandma like that dirty bitch likes it. i don’t mean your personal grandma, because that’s sick. i’m talking about just some regular old bitch.

sometimes my friends make fun of me for giving the PUA treatment to women who were born in the olden days, but ALPHAS DON’T CARE WHAT IDIOTS SAY! i have so many young bitches that i can afford to graffiti a geriatric gina every now and then. so here’s all you have to do.

go to a perkins or old country buffay somewhere and say ‘im DTF Dave, and i can treat you right.” usually that’s all it takes because old ladies are the biggest whores. they got used to selling ass back during the depression so they are always DTF with a hot alpha stud. here are the reasons that if you are SECURE with your alpha self that beating up old pussy can be VERY ALPHA.

one- they will bake you some cookies when you’re done

two- if they get out of line and you have to knock their teeth out, they can put them back in and you won’t go to jail

three- they’re already used to hip fractures, so you can pound away without a care

for- they aint on their periods anymore so they wont turn you down

five- they have all kinds of good medication just laying around for the taking

six- they will write you a check if you promise to double their investment. then you can split

seven- they probably have at least one hot daughter or granddaughter. you can push for a family treesome

i’m DTF Dave. its all about the dick, so look down to see whats up. stay cla$$y, player.

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picking up Girls at a college party

yo whaddup its f-close frank. everybody knows the hottest chicks are at  college partys so  you got to know how to talk to bitches if you are at a party. dont’ be a fag and just sit there drinking beer with your Freinds or playing beer pong.

so check this out its fuckin easy just go up and be all like ‘yo whaddup its f-close frank or whatever your name is. Whats yoru major?” shure enough you opened the gates and this bitch wont shut the fuck up. basically now you gotta isolate bring that bitch up to somebodys room all the doors are gonna be closed so fuckin kick one down if you have to cuz its time to fuuuuuuuck you know? anyway get her up to the bedroom its Game On youre gettin that pussy son.

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Can you get an STD if a girl farts on you?

every man should have more than one woman just in case one gets put in the hospital for some reason. i currently have three in my stable ready to fuck anytime i want because as i always say a bitch on your nuts is better than two at the bar. WELL I KEEP THEM ALL ON MY NUTS!

but the other day i was banging my main chick and she straight up farts on my dick. at first i thought it was just her ass hair rubbing across the base of my dick, but then i realized it was not butt hair, but actually butt air. i know that she didn’t do it on purpose because she’s usually proper, but AS AN ALPHA MALE its my job to make fun of her.

anyway, a couple of days later my dick started getting all itchy again. so of course i head down to the free clinic and started spitting mad game at the front desk chick.

i get into the dr.s office and i was embarrassed to tell him, but i straight up told him that the chick i was fucking farted on my dick and now it’s itching again. i asked him do i have an Std or what? and he’s all like ‘nah DTF Dave you’re ok it’s probably just a spider bite or a flare up like last time.”  so long story short you cannot get a std if a girl farts on your dick. the worst thing that can happen is the smell or if she poops on you.

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i’m DTF Dave. its all about the dick, so look down to see whats up. stay cla$$y, player.


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