how to know if your dick is big or small

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out we got our first reader e mail this dude asked how do you know if your dick is big or small. its’ pretty  easy to know.

first off if you have to ask if your dick is small it is definitely not big.  chicks will tell you if its big. Like the ohter day  i was bangin my #2  girl and she’s all “yo frank your dick is hella big. havin a hard time suckin it”.  at least thats what i  think she said it was more like a bunch of mumbeling because she had my  dick in her mouth you know what i’m sayin.

so now you know if you have a big dick your chick will say some shit like that. i dont know really what its llike to have a small dick but i guess chicks would look all dissapointed and shit when you pull of your pants so maybe you should turn the lights off if you have a small dick. also make sure she is drunk then maybe she wont notice or  make fun of your dick

anyway thats whats up with knoing if you have a small dick or a big dick. keep it real playa

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the 4 types of hypergamy every PUA should recognize

i have been reading all around many website pages about hypergamy and i had to look it up to see what it meant. but i did, so now i know !!!   and some doctors made science for it so it is real !!!

but there is more than one hypergamy type that REAL PUAs should be keeping in there minds so they know which one it is that they are dealing with . and here are those types listed for you

one- natural hypergamy: this is where a bitch trades up for herself and goes to get the best she can. this makes sure she have a good and best dad for her baby and the best man to be a provider for her. this is also called healthy hypergamy because it is the type that even PUAs teach their own daugthers because they want the best for them. only they call it teaching theyr daughter to be ‘selective’ instead of saying hypergamy but it is still the same thing as hypergamy which is why a doctor made science for it !!!

two- chronic hypergamy: this is where a bitch just keeps trading up for herself and goes to get the best she can but she never stops even when she promises herself to a man. she keeps trading up and up until she is old and nobody wants to fuck her no more, then she blame everybody else because she is too stupid to know that a woman that nobody wants to fuck is largly worthless to most of the human race because then she is like a man but men are way better at being a man than women are. this is also called humorous hypergamy because its funny how they talk about it at jezebel like it don’t exist and REAL PUA men laugh at them when they are 36 with nobody to put a baby in their belly and they are become socially irrelevant

three- ghost hypergamy: this is the type of hypergamy identified by a man when there is no hypergamy at play at all. he say ‘i am badboy PUA and i just want to make the sex to you’ and she say back to him ‘ok’ and when she is done, his PUA slips and he likes her a little but she goes and leaves anyway because that was the deal he set up in the beginning. this is also called blame your problems on women hypergamy because you get what you asked for then don’t like it. he want only to sex her at first, then change his mind to trade up to relationship with her and she say no. then me and F-Close Frank laugh at him because we are double teaming the slut he’s all hung up on !!!

for- Ctrl+V  hypergamy: this is where no matter what somebody write, the comment section have the word hypergamy in it. ‘top 10 way to choose a good suit and tie to make you look good’ have in the comments section something retarded like  ‘that’s awesome because womens hypergamy make them like a man in a good suit !!!”   it is like they keep the h-word on their clipbard so they can paste it in to any and every comment. this is also called WTF hypergamy because everybody who read that comment say WTF is that shit about?   it’s like these guys see hypergamy everywhere

science by doctors

now you know all for types of hypergamy. only one kind is really bad for a man (chronic hypergamy) but there is good news because any fool with half a brain can see it coming from a mile away. me and frank laugh lik this ‘hahahah hahahahah hahahahahah!!!!!!!’ when some man talk about what chronic hypergamy did to him because chronic hypergamy not a wave that crash in to you, its like the sea that you wade in to slowly until you are in over your head. how the fuck did you not see that coming??? !!!

i’m DTF Dave. its all about the dick and the hypergamous bitches who love it, so look down to see whats up. stay cla$$y, player.


this titties show that hypergamy is good.  bigger and better !!!

this titties show that hypergamy is good. bigger and better !!!

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what is the red pill

yo whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out the other day i was reading the privateman and he was talking about  the red pill.  i thought it was some medicine for old dudes when they cant get a boner or like its one of those pills you have to shove up your ass or whatever

so when i cant’ figure  stuff out I ask the internet what it is. i had to watch this old movie calle d the maytricks with that retarded guy who cant talk good, then i figured out what the red pill is.  if you hate robots you are redpill. you have to choose a red or Blue pill like in the movie. but if you pick the Blue one the red one is still red. like you arent choosing reality over not reality, you are choosing how you view the reality whether you beleve in it or not

i think i just made science.

anyway  one of my bros died from oxie contin so i dont take pills and  you shouldnt either otherwise you might get attacked by robots.

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Merry CHRISTmas !!! be sure to go a wassailing

every year at CHRISTmas (i say it as CHRISTmas on a count of i am religious other than my pua beliefs) my family has the best holiday tradition of going a wassailing. we use my aunt Katie for this tradition because she is so fucking fat that she can’t fight back to well. she just sits there crying and saying ‘i am a human being with feelings, and i love my family  !!! so why are you summbitches treating me so badly when i do so much for you?’

hahahahaha hahah haha !!! its because youre fucking fat you wortless two ton piece of shit.

but in case you are a pagan without CHRIST in your CHRISTmas and do not know what the tradition of wassailing is, here is the definition: wassailing is the art of wrestling a waffle from a fat chick. it’s fun as hell, and though you have to be careful not to leave physical marks (fat chicks bruise easily despite all that cushioning), you can leave all the emotional scars you want

this article may not have much to do with PUA lifestyle living, but its CHRISTmas and my mind is not on that shit right now. its on the mangy baby jesus where it should be. And fat Katie.

leggo my eggo you fat cunt !!!

i’m DTF Dave. its all about the dick, so look down to see whats up. stay cla$$y, player.

sexy santa

look at that rump a pum pum !!! Miss Saint Nick can suck my dick !!!

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how to beet your girlfriends ass

yo whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out some times your girlfriend wont shut the fuck up or is being a bitch or whatever so you will need to beet her ass. the other day my main Girl was  bitchin at me for losing her cat. like i  know where it goes when im drunk. she wouldnt stop yelling  so i had to beet her ass. Heres how you do it

first off you will need a playstation 3 and call of duty. go turn on the play station 3 and put it on 2 playa (thats whats up). if you are legit you will already be  way good at call of duty. sit your girlfriend down  &give her the 2nt controler.  probably  your Girlfriend  hates video games so she wont want to play ‘ and sucks at it.  thats where you start beeting her ass.

play her for like 30-45 mins at least and  fuckin school the shit outta her.  i mean beet her fuckin stupid.  she will be so board and angry that she keeps losing she will never bitch at you agan garanteed

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top 10 ways to know if she is a stripper when you don’t meat her in the strip club

strippers make the best harem girls because they are nasty. i don’t give a fuck what anybody says, it takes a fucked in the head bitch to be able to crawl around naked on her hands and knees scooping up dollar bills after a song and still be able to look at herself in the mirror when she is done !!!

but sometimes it is hard to pick up strippers in the strip club because they are in whore mode. i have used my PUA skills successfully in the club before and got some stripper pussy for free, but it is better to meat them in real life not in the strip club if you really want to dick a nasty bitch

here are the TOP TEN WAYS to tell how IF A GIRL IS A STRIPPER if you do not meat her in a strip club and just meat her on a regular club instead !!!

one-  if you are in line behind her at the grocery store and she pays for her food itums with a $20 and 74 singles SHE MIGHT BE A STRIPPER !!! if there’s a couple of $2 bills in there too, you know goddamn well she is

two- if she’s fucking hot as fuck but she’s always single SHE MIGHT BE A STRIPPER !!!

three- if she has two kids but nobody has ever seen them SHE MIGHT BE A STRIPPER !!!

for- if she always has a ton of money but still can’t make the payments on her Mustang SHE MIGHT BE A STRIPPER !!!

five- if she can go for a swim under a waterfall in a rain storm and rinse off in a fire hose and STILL have glitter on her SHE MIGHT BE A STRIPPER !!!

six- if she has that look in her eyes that makes you sad and you don’t know why EVEN if you do not normerlly have feelings of pity for bitches SHE MIGHT BE A STRIPPER !!!

seven-  if she keeps her EBT card and WIC coupons in a diamond studded Goochey purse SHE MIGHT BE A STRIPPER !!!

eight- if every thing expensive like a laptop and iphne and ipad she has she always say ‘my FRIEND bought this for me’ SHE MIGHT BE A STRIPPER !!!

nine- if she has two cell phones because she is too stupid to have two numbers on one device SHE MIGHT BE A STRIPPER !!!

ten- if she is 28 year old and is still supposedly working on her elementary education teaching certificate at devry or university of phenix SHE MIGHT BE A STRIPPER !!!

i’m DTF Dave. its all about the dick, so look down to see whats up. stay cla$$y, player.


stripper ass

if she got a nasty booty like this and she still show it you KNOW she a stripper lol

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be BETTER than alpha. be a SUPER ALPHA !!!

i have been doing a lot of reading as a reasercher lately on the people who have website pages that are about mad tight game but are NOT real PUAs. they talk about alpha and beta males as the type of men that bitches either they want or thay don’t want

but my boy f-close and me have developed a new technology way to think that we did not know we inventended because WE WERE ALREADY LIVING IT !!!

i am talking about something better than the alpha male these website page writers talk about. i am talking about the Super Alpha !!!

here are the caracteristics of the super alpha that me and f-close invented. live like us and be real PUAs like us and you will be able to write your own website page too and get many fans like us since at least 30 people EVERY DAY read our website page EVERY DAY. if you add that up and times it by how many days we have been writing that’s a HUGE fan base of maybe like 100,000 since september of THIS YEASR ALONE !!!

a REAL super alpha goes ignores beyond SOME BUT NOT ALL pua tactics and makes his own rules. alphas follow pua rules but super alphas know when to GO BEYOND those rules and make his own super pua rules to make himself into a super alpha

one- the 7 hour rule is bullshit (even though mistery is a cool cat).  if you have to pump and pump for 7 straight hours to have a orgasm you are not a super alpha. Just bust your nut already !!!

two- being a AMOG destroyer is not patriotic. those guys went to war and fought for our country. if you destroy a AMOG or a AMVET or any other veterans organization person unoless it is a woman who should not be fighting anyway, you are not a super alpha

three- the handicap principle should be ignored if you are not a retard. if you purposely act to be crippled or blind just so you can get some pussy, you are not a super alpha. some people in my family is retarded as fuck so i do not find this in good taste

for-  if you blitzhook, you are not a super alpha. plus, killing a hooker is not necessary since they are already dead inside.

five- the flooding smile is a bad idea because drooling all over yourself is too close to the handicap principle. if you slobber on a girl for any reason other than to lube up her asshole for a surprise invasion, you are not a super alpha

these are the top 5 tips for being a super alpha.   i will make more later but they will not be the top 5 because these ones are. they will be the next 5 though.

i’m DTF Dave. its all about the dick, so look down to see whats up. stay cla$$y, player.


blonde girls

the SUPER ALPHA fucks to chicks at one time that look like this !!!

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how to know if you will have sex with a girl fast using math

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out. so the other day me &dave made up this systum of how fast you can  bang a chick depending on some Factors that  i will share with you. that way you will know if ou can bang quick or  if you will have to put in some work.

start with 0 points &make sure you get a calculater playa
-works at a Strip Club or hooters +5 points
-has fake tities +10 points
-named some shit like amber or cinnamon +1 points
-really fat +100 points
-old+50 points
-ugly +20 points
-you have coke +50points
– sucked your dick in highshool +5 poitns
-has a lot  of tattoos +10 points
-has a kid +50 points (+100 points for each extra  kid)
– you met her on the internet +15 points
-drunk +20points
-lives near a walmart +5 points

ok now here is the other list
-she is a kinder garden teacher or some shit -15points
-hot -10 points
-already fucked dave -5 points
– no fake titties -5 points
-talks to jesus -50 points
-not drunk -10 points
– drunk but ate some food earlier -5points

0 points = who knows maybe you are gettin that pussy maybe not. get her drunk
50 points = ok chance of getting pussy
100 points = good chance of getting laid bring condoms
200 or more points = easy shit bro make sure you arent fuckin fat ugly chicks tho
-10 points = its lookin bad better buy some coke
-50 points or more = just go home & jerk your dick its easier

ok now you gotta do math which sucks but whatever. so lets say i met this girl thats a hot kinder garden teacher that dave fucked last week and shes talkin about jesus but she is drunk and has a kid and i have some coke. that means 0-10-15-5-50++20+50+50. the calculater says 40points. that means i have a OK chance of getting some pussy.

fake tits brunette at the beach

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how to squeeze fake titties right

yo whaddup its f-close frank. if you have been reading bang some chicks you know that me & dtf dave fuckin love fake titties.   since we are legit PUAs we have squeezed a ton of fake titties especially stripper titties so here is some shit you need to know about fake titties.

1 chicks with fake titties want you to pay attention to them (the titties) because other wise they wouldnt’ have got fake titties. they would have just stuck with haveing regular small titties. so it is ok to stare at their titties when you are talking to them. dont do this with regular chicks though they get pissed.

2. you can squeeze fake titties pretty hard. most Guys arent  sure if they will squeeze them if they will explode or what. they wont you cant squeeze that hard unless you are like a body builder or some shit

3. it is way fun to motoer boat chicks with fake titties but if you arent careful you can fuck yourself up. dave nearly broke his nose on this chicks tits one time because she had a cheap boob job so do  yourself a favor and squeeze first to see how hard they are.

there you go player those are the rules for fake titties.  get out there and get a hand full son

huge fake tits jodie marsh

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how to pecock by smelling like pussy

yo whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out the other day i woke up and started bangin my main chick but its cool cuz she was a wake too. dont be a sleep sexist cuz that mad weirds chicks out. anyway she had to go to work or some shit so i decided to hit the mall and day game some chicks.

im walkin around Victorias secret tryin to meet chicks and then it hits me i forgot to take a Shower and still smelled like pussy. being that i am a master PUA I did not let this affect my game. I walked up to the clerk of victorias secret and was all “hey girl whaddup”. i got close to this girl and boom before you know it had that #close son. of course she is fly because Victorias secret doesnt’ hire any fat chicks

I walked around the Mall some more and was all “whoa that was mad easy as fuck gettin that number wonder if is because I smell like pussy still” so i go up to that jewish chick running the keyosk for that hand shit you know the one i’m talking about. theyre in every mall. so she asks if she can put that salt shit on my hands and i’m all ‘yeah whatever.” so she touches my hands which is kino and she can totally smell that pussy. anyway long story short we made out in the mall bathroom so if you can you should always smell like pussy.


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