the best music for fuckin

yo whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out i was at the Strip club &met this dude who was also into fake titties he told me to check out his favorit band. homeboy was kinda weird he was dressed like a clown but i went home and down loaded some check it out this is the best music for fuckin. its got eveyrthing you need fresh beats good tempo for fuckin and the song is about bitches check it out. its called Bitches.


so anyway i brot this stripper back to my place put this song on and boom i was goin to town son. this is pretty much the song that i will bang every chick to because just hearin it gets bitches hella wet

blonde chick big fake tits stickers on nipples

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how to not get butt-raped in jail

i had to go to jail for a few weeks because my sister cant KEEP HER MOUTH SHUT when it comes to private maders concerning the sell of certain substances. my own sister ratted me out even though she sells more than i do !!!

i think she was pissed off that i was cutting in to her major demographic at the elemtery school

the good thing is now i know how to tell you how to not get raped in the butt when you go to jail. if you are a REAL PUA player you will eventually go to jail for some shit you did while being genrally awesome and a winner at life

the guy who decided to play what-what in my butt was a little short guy about 5’1” so he was way shorter then me. he was either mexican or lebenese or something I CANT TELL THEM APART so i don’t really know. his shaved head had tattoos showing on them which scared me because i am white and the tattoos were not tribal like im used to

he made me dance like a stripper which was odd because i was in a holding tank with a bunch of other dudes and the cops were just standing there laughing.  the cops did not protect me all they did was offer the guy a condom because they said i looked dirty !!!

the little guy took a couple of blankets off the cot and put them up over the bars on the side like to make a little fortress of rape for my butthole. he was gentle at first when he kissed my neck but i still didn’t like it because  i’m not in to dudes

i know this website post is about how NOT to get raped in jail, but i got raped anyway. im telling you this advise based on looking back at what i should have done !!!

i should have used my teeth more while giving him oral, and i should have pooped on him when he tried to get into my butthole.

so the best way to not get raped in the butt by a mexican or lebenease guy in jail is to eat a lot of mexican or lebenease food before you get arrested.    this will make your breath smell bad so he wont want a blowjob and it will load your ass so full that you can use it as a cannon !!!   think of it as the equevelent of a girl with a stank pussy. once you get a whiff of that, you lose your boner and don’t want to fuck her no more. it is the same principle as this

i’m DTF Dave. its all about the dick, so look down to see whats up. stay cla$$y, player.

it was nothing like this at all !!!

it was like this only i was the bitch  🙁

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how to tell if a chick is a slut by what color of hair she is

yo whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out you may have noticed that chicks  have different colors of Hair.  this is really good for PUAs because you can tell how big of a slut she might be by looking at her head and  cheking out her color of hare.

blond – huge slut. def likes to bang. pretty much every chick with fake tities is blond plus many blonds are strippers.

brown – total slut. wants to fuck for sure especialy if she dies her hair blond and gets fake titties.

red – are you kidding. total slut have you ever herd a chick  with red hair be called fire crotch. that means there is a fire down there (the red hair) and you have to put it out with youre fire hose (dick)

black – emo chick so for sure is a slut. hates her parents &DTF at all times esp if you have a bunch of shitty tatoos

purple/green/pink/some other shit – goes to raves  &always on x so youre gettin that pussy son

slutty emo girls fake tits


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how to use kino to make a chick touch your dick

you whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out today im gonna teach you how to use PUA kino techniqes to get a chick to touch your dick. you should know this already if you a are a real PUA but if you dont know what kino is it is touching a girl.

basically you gotta start  slow at first you cant just approach with your dick and be all like ‘yo check this dick out” that shit wont work.  first when you are  putting money in her thong you will  want to kinda touch her Ass but you gotta make it look like a acccident.  after you put a few bucks in her underware you want to slowly escalade. this time put a dollar in but touch her pussy instead  of her ass.  after you do this like 5 times (this will cost 5$.) then she will be  way horny and looking for dick

when you buy a lap dance  then what you want to do is real sneaky pull youre dick out of your pants so the bouncer doesnt see otherwise you will get fuckin kicked out of the club trust me. she will be all grindin and see your dick out and  guaranteed if you are mad slick about kino she will be all stealth jerkin your dick while you get the lap dance. once she has touched your Dick  a few times tell her you have coke at your place & go for the number boom son youre gettin some pussy.

this also works on regular chicks just do the same thing but dont put money in her underware

hot milf big fake tits


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how to avoid approach anxiety by getting fucked up

yo whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out some dudes have mad approach anxeity when they are  talking to chicks. even master PUAs sometimes get approach anxienty (AA) when they see a fly ass chick with big titties so i am gonna teach you my secret way to never get AA.

the secret is to get fucked up. usualy when i head to the mall to day game chicks i hit the bong a couple of times but not too much otherwise i just head to to the food court and only fat bitches hang out there.  just take like 1-3 bong rips depending on how shitty your  Weed is.

if you are going out at night you want to have a more faster vibe so you want to do some coke. me & dave usually go thru about a 8ball in a week end depending on approach anxiety but we are real PUAs so you may want to buy more. if you live in miami talk to my boy josh he works the door at the strip club and he will hook you up fat

nicola mclean fake tits sexy


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bang some chicks is goin worldwide son

yo whaddup its f-close frank. dave got put in jail for a few days takin over till he gets back. so check this out if you are a reguler bang some chicks Reader then you will know that  don juan john dropped this artical about fuckin your couch so if you havnt read it check it out.

anyway this shit has been blowin up. dudes all over have been fuckin there couches and gettin swole. check this dude out

Man Arrested For Having Sex With Sofa In Street


hell yeah dude is gettin it. sucks he got busted by the popo but its whatevs. next up we got aspiring PUA blaze fraser. i was  talking to him on Tiwtter and he’s all yo bro been bangin the couch. check it dude is on the right track for shure

fuckin the couch


there it is son if you are reading bang some chicks you will be a straigt up player in no time.

tara reid fake tits hot


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how to spot a AFC

yo whaddup it’s f-close frank. so check this out sometimes you are out sargin or like maybe you have a job at apple bees  and some dude starts talking to you then you figure out they are a AFC. you dont want  to waist time  talking to some fag that doent know whats up so here is how to spot a AFC.

1. he wears shit like cargoe shorts

2.  he has that look on his face like he jerks off alot

3.he asks you stupid shit like if you are a tits or ass man

4 he has never been to a Strip Club

5.  he says shit like ‘i will call human resorces if you talk about fake tities anymore ” but then hes all pissed when you bang every chick at  apple bees cuz AFCs are mad fuckin jellus

theres alot of other dumb shit that AFCs do and you  will be able to spot it once you are a PUA so keep gettin that pussy son

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are you a boobs man or a tits man

yo whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out  i was down at bufalo wild wings (bdubs) and heard these AFCs talkin about “yo bro are you a tits man or an ass man.” this is dumb as fuck everybody knows that real men & espeshially PUAs are all about the tits heres why.

1. tits are fuckin awesome

2 fake tities are even better because they are bigger. bigger=better

3. if you are a Ass man and are all actin like you dont give a fuck about  tits you are prob gay because gay dudes are all about the ass and dont give a fuck about  titties.

me dave & john are all about the titties and as you are  already aware we are legit PUAs so next time some AFC fag asks you ‘duhhhhhhhh um are you a tits man or an ass man” just be all like what the fuck are you a fag fuckin titties of course. if even somebody asks you that question you know they are mad fuckin AFC dont even bother talking to them

biggest silicone breasts ever

are you fuckin kidding me look at those Titties

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How to cure genital warts with bong water

i do NOT have genital warts, but a few of the girls i bang on the reg have girlie bits that look like a freshly stocked supermarket produce aisle. BUT broccoli beth and cauliflower cathy are two of my favorite bitches, so i try not to hate on them to much for their social afflictions.

as my boy F-Close Frank said in his article last month, any REAL player with a PUA attitude will eventually get a STD growing down there. even Social kenny PUA said the same thing on his website page !!!  a real player will have women begging for it in their mouth and pussy and in their ass, and the ass is the problem.  any smart guy can figure out that if you walk around with shit on your dick, youre bound to catch something !!!

so what to do?  the answer can be found in home remedies if youre too poor or embarrassed to go to the doctor. the best way to cure genital warts is to treet them with bong water. just soak a rag in the leftover angel spit and let it soak on your crotch while you fall asleep at night. i know for a FACT that this works because broccoli beth and cauliflower cathy do it all the time, and you can see the little shriveld up warts on the sheets in the morning after they fall off.  PRO TIP: DO NOT LET YOUR DOG EAT THEM BECASE THEY ARE NASTY!!!   the warts come back in like two days, but at least I get two full days of fucking them without catching anything.

next week i will post other home remedies on how to cure STDs with stuff around the house. for example, my sister grinds children’s tylenol tablets into a powder then forms a paste using jack daniels, but i don’t know what that’s for.   every time i ask her what its for she just says ‘you should know, asshole.’ HAHA !!!   i don’t know what that slut is trying to cure,  but i do know that whatever it is must be some really bad shit, so when i find out i will post it here as a tip.

you can’t be too careful out there as a PUA. there’s something growing on everything everywhere these days. make sure you ALWAYS wrap it up for safety unless you take a multivitimine an hour before sex to block all the STDs like a forcefield.

i’m DTF Dave. its all about the dick, so look down to see whats up. stay cla$$y, player.


huge tits on hot girl

you KNOW this bitch needs the angel spit cure !!! i’d totally still do her though !!!

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get good at fukin!! and swole!!

so right its don juan john here ya’ll no wuts up anyways today we be talkin bout how to get  good at fucking chiks AND swole! this is some real shit man i cant even believe im bout to share this witchall but frank and dave invited me on here so whatever imma bout to blow yo minds with some REAL PUA shit nahmen

ok so everybody nos ladys like when you got muscles and shit and u know me i got mad fucking swoles and ladies be lovin my abs and shit but i dint get this way over night i put my time in and did sum work right. i know yall AFCs be looking for the right look but trust me it takes sum time and effort but i got the hook up., see my way aint just about getting big and shit cuz what else do ladys love? yeah homies who can fuck nahmean so imma get you swole AND champ in the bedroom.

so ya dis shit is simple too, so simple you mind gonna be like fuck man why didnt i think of this?! cause you aint a real PUA thats why but for real this shit i learned from my big bro james who is a NATRAL as fuk, he showed me how to do this when was was kids like when mom was passd out drunk and dad was off with his hookers wed go to the lving room and do these workouts.

the key to this is compound exersizes, like shit that works you whol,e body. you gotta get a couch (make sure it has cushins) and with sumone spotting of course, you fuck the couch rgiht. like hard. ushually like until you blow right and you can use a sock if you wnt but i love raw dawg nahmean. den you do it again for a couple sets. do this a bunch and soon your fukin SWOLE. like shit man i aint get no 6 pack doing crunches nahmean AND you fuck like a champ. bitches all up on me when i tell them wats up wit my exersize ruteens.

then like for arms and shit and take yo dads fleshlite and do a bunch of reps like real hard., you gots to feel the burn in yo arms. somtimes you gotta watch porn and stuf to keep going but its whatever its aight you know i dont mind watchin porn and shit even if i get bitches on the regular.

you do this for a few weeks and tryna tell me this shit dont work yull be getting MAD chicks just remmber who tot you this shit for real nahmean

yall no i would BEAT DAT UPPP

yall no i would BEAT DAT UPPP

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