whats the best strip club in miami

yo whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out a lot of guys been askin me &dave what the best Strip Club is so im gonna tell you about the best strip clubs in miami. strip clubs are hella cool so dont be a fag hit up some Strip clubs.

deans gold – this place has some dirty ass chicks who are dtf. this one chick had butt hair. cool tho cuz if youre gonna do coke &get a lap dance nobody really cares. chance of seein fake tities = ok

play mates club – dave got a blow job from a stripper here. ok drink prices &one of the bouncers used to sell us drugs but he got fired which is mad gay. def gonna see some fake tities and if you go there a lot you dont have to pay a cover. this one chick jazmin is mad freaky and will let you stick stuff in here ass as long as it is NOT sharp.

booby trap – kinda shitty too many puerto rican chicks with mustashs. no fake tities but i only been there like 3 times.  this one time when dave was on coke for like a week strait and asked this chick at the mall to marry him so we had daves batchler party there. we got banned for life tho when this dude mike started fingerin this chick with his nose

pink pussy cat – kinda cheap but hella dirty. like the floor will give you aids. not many fake tities last time we went but havnt been there in like a month cuz dave is on house arrest &sits on his ass smokin weed all day.

tootsies cabaret – this place is fuckin huge usually got some hot chicks. lots of fake tities last time we went but kind of a far drive. big fuckin pain in the ass but worth it. that one bartender is mad gay tho. like he will try to touch your dick if you are drunk.

anyway if your going to miami dont be a bitch cuz we got hella good strip clubs. head to either tootsies or play mates club for fake tities

sophie turner big fake tits

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game for black dudes how to get that pussy if you are black

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out today im gonna tell you how to  get that Pussy if you are black. hella chicks love black dudes so dont worry just read this guide &get it son.

ok so first off you gotta be able to tell if your black. ask your self these questions 1. do you like vampires. 2. are you wearing a cape. 4. do you shop at hot topic. ok if you answered yes to any of these you are black.

now that you have establushed if you are Black  now you gotta go and find some black chicks. go down to the mall they hang out by hot topic. they also smoke clove cigarettes so go to where ever you can buy clove cigarettes. also black chicks fuckin hate the sun so make sure you go out at night if you go out during the day you are fuckin up. i watched this movie from dusk till dawn and black dudes or chicks can acshually die if they go in the sun. shit is cray

ok now that you found some black chicks go up and be all like ‘yo whaddup its f-close frank (or what ever your Name is). check this out i got mad clove cigarettes back at my place also some coke. do you have fake titties.” guaranteeed this shit will work like i sad black chicks love clove cigaretes. get em back to your house boom your gettin that pussy son

sexy goth girl tattoos big tits

hell yeah love black chicks

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how to use plenty of fish to have sex with a lot of girls

yo whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out today im gonna teach you how to fuck checks using plenty of Fish. internet dating is dumb as fuck and hella boring but im gonna show you these fool proof openers that will get chicks talkin to you &pretty soon youre dick is gonna be in their mouth. click on the pictures to see actual Openers i used on some chicks

best Plenty of fish openers 1


this chick had big ass fake titties hell yeah took her to the strip club turns out she worked there like 6 months ago

best POF openers 2

this chick was like a goth or some shit she didnt have fake tities but whatevs


Best online dating openers1

its cool i am not raceist against Ghosts but for real ghosts suck a mean dick

best plenty of fish openers online dating

this chick DID have fake tities she is hella fly

stripper chick POF


she rememebered me &told me to come down &get a free Lap Dance fuck yeah

ok i had to try some lines on regular ugly chicks to make sure they work not just on hot chicks. check it out if you are a regular AFC and not a PUA you might want to try to fuck some ugly chicks first

best POF opening linesfuckin beast mode this bitch lifts

best plenty of fish online dating opening messagethis chick was pretty pissed that i was talkin about her ratchet mustash but fuck man what else am i gonna talk about fuckin thing is hella huge get that shit waxed son

any way go ahead &use these openers get out there & get your dick wet son easy pussy on the internet. follow us on twitter for more Tips on gettin internet pussy @bangsomechicks

check out how to fuck chicks the right way

how to fuck foreign girls by social kenny PUA

yo whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out got this e book from my bro social kenny if you didnt know social kenny is a legit PUA. dude is always out gamin &writes hella good field Reports has tight game &even admits that he used to fuck fat bitches like that dude nigel. not many PUAs would own up to that so you know he is legit.

anyway my boy kenny wrote this e book called how to fuck forein girls. first off this book is hella good be cause kenny says that a girl doesnt have to be form korea or some shit to be foreign. like kenny says in his e book It’s any chick who’s unfamiliar to your town or country. That’s why I’ll use the term “Out- Of-Towner” a lot. this is way cool because i banged a bunch of chicks that werent from miami so i have banged foreign chicks even if they are from the usa.

like kenny says foregin girls are hella easy to bang they are not in their own house. theyre like at the beach or some shit so get that pussy son. all you gotta do is use kennys openers its all right there hella easy so dont be a fuck up go download that shit son. plus its free

download socail kenny PUA how to fuck foreign girls

hot self shot blonde sexy

fuck yeah hope this chick is forein

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how to fuck youre hair stylist

yo whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out if you get youre hair cut then you are gonna  have a chance to bang some chicks. every body knows that  haircut chicks are mad easy so im gonna teach you how to bang a chick that cuts hair.

first off hair cut chicks went to beauty school because its mad easy. no math or any shit like that    so you gotta run stupid chick game. you dont really need to talk to stupid chicks just roll up &be all “yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out i need a Haircut and also lemme get a crack at that pussy” caveman style garanteed shit works every time

if you dont bang right away you might have to take the hair cut chick on a date. since she is kinda dumb just take her to the bar or Strip Club & be all like “yo check out this glass of vodka (bottom shelf of course) also is that your real hair or is it a wig” she will probably NOT be waring a wig and then she will be all over your dick then tell her lets go back to your place and you can check out my ball hair. pull out your dick boom youre gettin that pussy son

hot fake tits chick by the pool


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i hate fat chicks and you should too

there is absolutely nothing worse than a fat chick. i would gladly exchange one fat chick for a dozen Hitlers and i would keep making that trade all day long until all the fat chicks disappear in to fat air. fat chicks are the worst thing that ever happened to humanity because they are like a cancer that eats away at are society.   can you think of even one use for a fat chick ?

no you cant because nobody can. maybe a fat chick who can cook is good but even then a good meal made by a skinny hot chick is far better.,  betty crocker was fly as fuck for a chick from the 1800s and she makes good food that’s better than the pig slop my fat mom puts out on the table every day.   i would bang the hell out of betty crocker but i would never bang my mom because she is fat and ive already had a close-up tour of that pussy anyway [NOT IN A SEXUAL WAY BUT IN THE WAY OF BEING BORN]

in addition to being ugly, loud, and taking up too much space, fat chicks have attitudes. some of them try to hide behind bitchy behavior to make you see their fiercness instead of their fat ass, but it doesn’t work because nothing can hide that fat ass with so many stretchmarks they look like an albino tiger. other fat chicks try to hide behind acting all dainty and shit so they paint their nails and FIX JUST THE FRONT of their hair like we cant see the back of that rats nest. they do this because they cant reach the back with their fat fucking arms.  AND WHY DO FAT CHICKS PAINT THEIR TOE NAILS??? why draw attention to the one part of your chubby unshaped body that looks like vienei weiner links ?!?   don’t paint your toe nails you dumb fat chick COVER THAT SHIT UP.

i got drunk one night and accidently saw a fat chick naked. she was so fat and had so many rolls that she couldn’t trim her pussy hair so her fat pussy area looked like a pissed off melted troll doll with its tongue sticking out.  THIS IS WHY I HATE FAT CHICKS !!!   i should be eligible for disability or some shit since i had to look at that thing.  i swear god only gives fat chicks big tits so guys will still talk to them

what we need more of is chicks who are skinny like Asians but have the big tits of a fat chick !!!

this is how it spoda be !!!

this is how it spoda be !!!

i’m DTF Dave. its all about the dick, so look down to see whats up. stay cla$$y, player.

—-twitter is for high school bitches but i got one anyway @bangsomechicks