social kenny gives social justice like a REAL alpha player does

OMFG i am still tied up on house arrest and this ankle bracelet thing from miami p.d. is putting a real kill on my mad PUA skills because i can’t lure these high school chicks into my house since the principle has warned all the sweet pussy about me.

so what does a REAL pua do when he canot pua due to legal tehethers around his leg?  HE SHARPENS HIS ALREADY MAD SKILLS by LEARNING from another REAL PUA !!!

If this shit aint alpha as fuck i don’t know what is. a real alpha male will chase a bitch down on the street and hold her accountabol for being a bitch.  we will watch this video together and then i will make science on it (not watch it at the SAME time though because i do not know when it is that u r going to watch it but i have already watched it so it is ok and i can still make science on it for you like Rosey does with the numbers for the time that stuff happens in the video.

Science at 0:06 – Notice what a phat fucking pad Kenny has. a REAL pua knows how to live large. this helps with the bitches so that is why am waiting on my mom to die unexpectidly so i can have the house to my-self !!!

Science at 0:16 – do not wait to long for her to respoind to your text or message. notice how social kenny is going to call her out on her shit for not responding to a text or facebook message from the previous nite  !!!  she only will get 12 or 24 hours to respoind or else you will call her out on her shit

Science at 0:32 – dont say cheesy shit or else you are a beta male.  say not cheesy shit that will put her in her place instead !!!

Science at 1:14 – the girl he is calling out on her shit is the same bitch he ALREADY had to feature on a video for a shit test !! dont be all vigilantie on a bitch unless she got it coming. kenny is wise to make shore he only calls out a bitch that deserve his ALPHA RATH

Science at 2:15 – i think kenny just coined a new pua acronem with ‘playfully and dominant’ and i will call it ‘PLAYFUL DOMINANCE’ i will make specific science on that later once i am street legal again and can test it out.   the new acronem is gojng to be P.D. to show that i know what i am talking about even though it were kenny who said it first but i am the one who will make the acronem of P.D. ™ ®

Science at 2:39 – he should have showed some big fake titties here instead of that stock photos but he still the man

Science at 2:45 – when you call a girl out on her shit, always sneak up on her from behind and over her left shoulder. science say that you can greatly reduce a btiches integration of sensory stimuli and retard the initiation of common pathways for movement to render her in a mild form of shock. approach her from over her left shoulder if she right handed because the cerebelum will try to recoup from the initial shock and bee to slow to properly control bitch reflexes or balance key aspects of functional movement or defesne coordination. this is the science way to say creep up like a ALPHA male do in the wild on a billy goat to eat it ONLY YOU WILL NOT EAT HER.

Science at 2:48 – this is the first clear shot we get of the gilr who needs to be put in her place. notice how social kenny can approach like a alpha male because you can see that her bitch bag is longer than her arm can reach to the bottom of it.  she can not grab mace and squirt it in his face without digging way deep in the bag so he can approach wit confidince !!!  if her bitch bag was not deeper than her arm can reach, kenny would have to be prepared to run away while she pulled out mace

Science at 2:56 – kenyy shows alpha dominance by speaking to her in a foreign language.  he say ‘kay passa’ which is a DHV for him to let her know how cultured he is

Science at 3:04 – never give up and never surrender !!!   if you send a bitch a message and she don’t respond just send her another one before confronting her on the street.  this is how you know you are righteous in your judgment of her because she had mor than one opportinity to respond but she did not

this is how shit is really done, mofos. if you ever stop learning you stop learning and that is not good.  i recommend to all my friends that they check out REAL pua players and learn from them if they get arrested and cant go out of the house.

in honner of social kenny pua, here is is some big fake ebony titties to remind you of the reward you can have IF YOU ARE A ALPHA MALE PUA who knows how to LEARN from OTHER ALPHA MALE PUAS !!!

big ebony fake titties

i’m DTF Dave. its all about the dick, so look down to see whats up. stay cla$$y, player.

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can chicks be PUAs

yo whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out a Reader asked me &dave if chicks can be PUAs.

basically chicks CAN be PUAs but girl game is way diffrent than regular Game. like a chick doesnt hafta do shit like openers &routines &negs &shit. basically she has 2 things that shes gotta do that is these 2 things

1.not be fat
2. have big fake tities

if  a chick is skinny with big tities she is gonna get pretty much any dick there is except my boy nigel dude is a straight up fat chick playa.  so check this out i am gonna give you an example of legit chick game.

chick: (sits there bein skinny w/fake tities)

me: yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out your hella fly do you want to do some Coke.

as you can see i walked up and hit on this chick just cuz she has fake tities and even gave her some coke. all she had to do was not be fat shit is hella easy son so if you are a chick &wanna be a chick PUA just be skinny mabye think about gettin some Fake tities

blonde chick big round fake tits


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f-close frank goes to las angeles

whaddup its f-close frank so check this out last week i  went to LA thats why i didn’t post anything dave is still on house Arrest bein hella gay. check this out LA is a diffrent city than miami so i got to test my game in a place that is NOT miami. heres whats diffrent

1.lots of LA chicks have big fake tities hell yeah
2.mexican girls are way the fuck uglier in LA like i am talkin the cleening lady from family Guy ugly. miami has hella fly latina chicks many of which have  fake tities.

2.LA has some really good Coke
3. LA is way harder to pull pussy than miami plus stip Clubs are more epensive. i only got 1 blow job from a stripper &didnt get any notches but i was stayin with my cousin dude is hella AFC &his game sucks. he is gettin married to some fat chick. she had hella fat friends that were tryin to get on my dick. i was all like  next time i gotta bring my boy nigel with me hed be gettin that fat pussy
4. the beach is hella fuckin cold &there werent that many chicks on the beach
5.flyin fuckin sucks. tsa dudes are mad fuckin gay and will touch youre dick

anyway LA is ok miami is way better gotta rep that hometown son. if you are board check out LA tho

big fake tits dick sucking lips


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how to AMOG dudes at the mall

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out today im gonna  teach you haow to AMOG dudes at the mall. the mall is a hella good place to pick up chicks but theres gonna be a fuckin shit load of AFCs there to fuck with your game.

security gards are pretty much the biggest fuckin AFCs on the hole planet these dudes suck so bad they cant even be real pigs. if you spit shitty game at that jewish chick that runs the keyosk &sells that hand shit she will call mall secureity hella fast i seen it happen. anyway so if some lame rent a pig shows up you just go up and youre all “whaddup bro is that a real flashlight. have you ever beet any dudes ass with it”. if you show some intrest he will wanna talk about his dumb ass job there you go you amogged the fuck out of this dude. be careful hell wanna hang out and shit if you talk to him too long.

ok next up is the gay dudes that work at hollister. these dudes are a mad fuckin pain in the ass because a. they wanna touch your dick in the changing room and b. they will cockblock the fuck out of you if you try to hit on there chick coworkers. youre gonna have  to AMOG these dudes hard as fuck. first off you gotta be all “yo check this out they are havin a huge sale on sented butt lube at that candle store you should pick some up” usually this will send them runnin out of the store   the chicks are all yours son

last theres that fuckin fat manager guy that works at orange julyus. this dude is a huge fag and will cock block you hard when youre making out with the counter chick for free orange julyus. hes always like “yo counter chick i aint payin you to make out with fuckin random dudes get to makin orange julyus or else your fuckin fired’. basically you have to tell this dude that theres a fire in the back and he needs to put that shit out or else his stupid ass mall food shop is gonna burn down. dude will fuckin split like speedy gonzalez.

tila tequila fake tits


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how to write a good plenty of fish profile so you can fuck chicks

yo whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out a bunch of dudes have been askin about plenty of fish. i already posted some hella good openers for you to use so check out my profile and learn how  to get that pussy son. basicaly if you copy this shit you will get laid garanteed but write some other shit if you live in miami other wise chicks will think you are f-close frank which you arent


I am Seeking a Woman For Intimate encounter
Needs Test View his relationship needs Chemistry View his chemistry results
Do you drink? Yes (> 3/week) Do you want children? Undecided
Marital Status Single Do you do drugs? Yes
Pets No Pets Eye Color Brown
Profession dating coach Do you have children? No
Do you have a car? Yes Longest Relationship Under 1 year



strip clubs Fake titties coke

About Me

yo whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out i heard you can meat chicks on plenty of Fish. usually i just pick up chicks at the mall or strip Club
my job is dating coach i specalize in picking up women & teach other dudes how to do it so if you are a dude and you are reading this hit me up i will teach you to pick up chicks instead of just being some dude that jerks off all the time.if you are a stripper or just a regular chick with fake titties hit me up well do some coke
raw dog only tho

First Date

pretty much get hella faded
so there you go bro thats a hella good plenty of Fosh profile get out there get that pussy son

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f-close frank bangs a Stripper with a hare lip

yo whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out last friday i was out at the Strip club checkin out some tities. dave is still on house arest bein a fag so i was rollin solo gettin hella drunk. pretty soon i see this chick shes like checkin out my dick from across the room so if you know anything abou t Stripper game you know its time to get a Lap Dance.

so i walk up to this chick and im all “yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out you got hella big tities but are you cuban.” shes all “see ameego’ or whatever the fuck i dont speak cuban. anyway she asks me if i  want a lap dance im all hell yeah. she takes me in the back &shes all touchin my dick so i know im gettin that pussy son. shes all grindin on my dick and then i  see shes got a hare lip. like not a bad one like the kid on the save the children commershul but still its hella fucked up. anyway im tryin to focus on the tities but  that hare lip is all right in my face i slip her an extra 20 &she unzips my pants starts jackin me off.

i got out some coke &put some on my dick so she blows a line &im laughin cuz she has coke on her hare lip. shit is hella funny &shes all what the fuck pooto whats so funny. im all yo check this out lemme get a crack at that pussy shes all coked out so of course pretty soon im watchin those fake tities bounce around while shes ridin my dick. any way shes all can i suck your dick im all hell yeah so anyway chicks with a hare lip can suck dick just like any other chick give it a try shit is mad funny

huge fake tits


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