how to dress for fashion bang some chicks style

yo whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out been gettin hella emails about  how to dress to get mad pussy so im gonna teach you how to look fly esp if you live in miami or are hittin the strip Club

1. hat. ok you are def gonna need a hat. no snapbacks unless you are mad gay. prefarably miami heat if you are a legit PUA. if you are wearin a bucks hat you fuckin suck keep that bill flat son dont shape that shit other wise you are gonna look like a cow boy or some shit. fuckin weak

miami heat hat

for real son keep it fresh got like 20 of these lids (NOT the same one tho get diff hats other wise chicks will wonder ‘hey is he only wearin 1 hat’)

2. dunks. chicks love shoes so if you want to fuck Chicks youre gonna need shoes son. there is never any reason to ware shoes other than air jordans for real bro shit is good for any Occashun. wedding funeral graduation strip club you name it air jordans are your dunks check it out.

air jordans

plus air jordans is hella good when you are runnin from the cops

2.shorts. if you live in miami it is hella hot dont even buy pants son shorts are wear its at. of course your gonna want miami heat shorts in case some AFC rolls up in like fuckin san antonio spurs shorts or whatever the fuck that way chicks know you are Legit plus your nuts will be hella aired out for real. if you dont live in miami tho you may want to consider pants

fuck yea go heat

fuck yea go heat

4. t shirt. cant go wrong with a gray t shirt playa

wear this shit get mad pussy

wear this shit get mad pussy

for real son there you go wear this shit your lookin fresh bang some chicks style get out there get that pussy son. go heat

hot blonde in bikini huge fake tits


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how to fuck a pregnant chick

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out today i am gonna teach you some Techniqes on how to fuck a pregnent chick. me &dave both fuck  a lot of strippers so guarenteed if you bang strippers you are gonna  run across one who is pregnet.

heres why you should fuck a pregnant chick you can raw dog &its cool as long as you dont get a Disease. this is because you cant knock up a chick 2 times just 1 time and she is already knocked up. also pregnent chicks get bigger tities

ok 1st thing you gotta ask your self is how pregnent is she. like not very or what. there is 3 kinds of pregnet. 1.not very pregnent. this is fine its liek if they are a little chubby no big deal.  you can have reguler sex with a not very pregnant chick. DO NOT ask them to get a aborshun they will get pissed.

2. sorta pregnent. this is ok but they will have a big belly shit is gettin weird. you can usually hit it regular but dont make her get on top other wise youll see that belly shit is gettin hella gross

3.way pregnent. never banged a way pregnet chick but i saw a way pregnent stripper once she had a outie belly button &hella stretch marks but was still dancin gotta make that money son. check this out if youre gonna bang a way pregnetn chick watch out son there is a kid in there that could bite your dick. might as  well just bang a fat chick

there you go playa thats how you bang a pregnant chick

hot sexy blond with mouse ears big tits

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how to hit on a chick on face book

yo waddup its f-close frank. check this out we got a email from this dude that calls him self the pussy hunter. hes askin how you can fuck a random chick on face book.

first off if you are usin face book to hit on chicks you never met garanteed you are a AFC cuz face book is  mad fuckin AFC. dont even fuck with face book son you should be hittin the strip club or mall lookin for chicks with fake tities or if you half to get on the internet for pussy hit plenty of Fish &use these Openers.  boom there it is son how to hit on chicks on face book the ansewr is dont do it

sexy naked cowgirl big fake tits


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how to tell if a chick is a tran sexual

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out did you know if you are into fake tities like me &dave you gotta watch out for tran sexuals because other than chicks tran sexuals can have fake tities. the difference tho is a tran sexual has a dick and NOT a pussy. my cousin jason went to ty land  and hooked up with a chick but then found the dick now he fucks tran sexual prostitutes. no wonder that dude is fucked up he married a fat chick. anyway check this out he told me how you can tell if its a tran sexual.

asian ladyboy

this is a tran sexual shit looks hella weird as fuck

1. tran sexuals have a hella big addams apple dudes have that shit which makes there voice deep. if you dont believe me look it up that shit is science son.
2. a tran sexual will have this deep ass voice too chicks dont have a deep voice so you might be talking to a tran sexual. they will probably be talkin about sports or some shit too
3 tran sexuals have weird fake tities like they dont look like regular fake titties
4. tran sexuals have big fuckin hands &feet shit could straight up crush a beer can son for real tho jason says they give hella strong hand jobs
5.tran sexuals are fuckin huge like bigger &taller then a regualr chick could be like a line backer or some shit but with fake tities
6. they will try to touch your dick in the bar regular chicks dont do that shit even if you are a legit pua like me &dave.
7. tran sexual chicks are usually asian esp if they are from ty land
8.has a dick!!! this is the big one if there is a dick it is definitely a tran sexual!!! unless you are hella gay your fucked bro

anyway watch out playa here is are some regular chicks w big fake tits that are NOT tran sexuals

sexy tanned girls in bikinis

hell yeah fuckin love real chicks

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day gamin at the STD clinic

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out my boy x days told us on twitter that we should day game some chicks at the std clinic so of corse  i hit that shit up cuz a legit PUA needs to make shure theres no shit on his Dick. good idea bottom line tho the std clinic is not really the place to game chicks

the first chick i went up to in the wateing room wasnt feelin me. i was all “yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out you are hella fly but do you have any aids or anything.’ turns out she had fucked hella dudes and was thinkin she had aids all cryin and shit it was makin my dick soft. fuckin bailed on that shit

second chick was sittin next to her turns out it was her sorority sister DO NOT USE THE SAME OPENER ON CHICKS THAT ARE SITTIN NEXT TO EACH OTHER!!!! not gonna lie shit is a bad move son.

ok so it was my turn boom whipped out my dick on the nurse. good move cuz strip club chicks are always  sayin that i got a legit dick. anyway she was all ‘sweet dick but im acshually not the doctor i just got a herpes test” boom got the number close son always remember to bust out your dick

then the docter came in bummer its a dude all checkin out my dick and shit. not cool but good news is i dont have ether herpes or the CLap.  aids takes 2 weeks but i didnt raw dog any cubans lately so im good playa

anyway if your bored day game some chicks at the std Clinic dont expect much tho

sexy blonde doctor fake tits

hell yeah love to give those tities a check up

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how to fuck a japanese girl

yo whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out last weekend i banged my first japanese girl shit was off the hook. first off im gonna say whay you should fuck a japanese girl.

1.they are hella hot
2 they dont give a fuck if you play video Games
3. they talk all japanese &shit
4.they DO NOT have sideways pussys like dave said
5.youre friends will be mad jellus

ok now heres shit that kinda sucks about japanese girls
1.they want to play video games sometimes
2. they kinda sound like a pokiemon when you fuck them
3.sometimes there costume is hard to get off

anyway as you can see you  should for shure fuck a japanese Chick. heres how you do it. first off you want to go to a japanese chick convenshun. if you dont know where one is ask a nerd he will have that shit dialed cuz nerds jerk off to that shit. 2. youre gonna need to have a Costume so they think your japanese. i dressed up like that dude from dragon ball z chicks were all about gettin on my dick.

ok now that your in the convenshun with your costume just go up to japanese chicks all ‘yo whadup its f-close frank. check this out youre hella fly but is that a final fantasy costume. i got some coke lets check out this bath room.’ japanese chicks are all about a bad boy so you should dress up like a super villan or whatever before you bust the coke move. once you got her in the bath room LOCK THE DOOR otherwise nerds or other japanese chicks might come in and fuck up your game or want some of your coke. pretty soon your gettin that pussy son shit is mad easy

hot cosplay chick huge fake tits

shes hella fly can you beleive shes japanese

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check out jason capital &learn how to fuck chicks

pros and cons of breast augmentation

are you considering breast implants? are you searching website pages looking for the latest patient safety data on breast augmentation? are you concerned about finding an appropriately credenteled provider with a proven track record in cosmetic surgery? are you looking for a clinical setting that’s comfortable and relaxing, and more like a spa than an ambalatory surgical center?

why?   fake titties make the world go round so stop being a whiney little bitch, pick a tittie doctoer, and make an appointmenmt.  here is a full list of the pros and cons to consider when making your decision to have breast augmentation ::

Pros of Breast Augmentation

Pro 1. you will boost your self-estem and increase your worth. If you even think your titties are too small or too natural feeling THEY ARE.   by making them bigger and harder, you will make wieners everywhere bigger and harder which will improve your value as a woman.   you can spend the rest of your life making sandwiches in order to be noticed by men or you can just pop out a double D tittie.  IT IS YOUR CHOICE SO CHOOSE WISLEY

Pro 2. you will be one step closer to the pole.  if you ever run out of child support payments or youre a old bitch who nobody will marry, you can always be a stripper and at least find someone who pretends to love you !!!   fake titties are an economically viable alternative to a education, and hard productive work is for men.  the closer you are to the pole, the closer you are to making money off your hole even if nobody wants it without strobe lights and fog machines to mask your stretchmarks ande ingrown hairs

Pro 3. you can fulfill your duty as a woman by having big fake milkers.  you OWE it to the men who gave you the right to vote to be pleasant to look at.  you OWE it to the male society who opens dorrs for you even though your arms aint broke to have some cleveage to look at when you walk pass us in the door-way

Pro 4. nobody loves a small tittied bitch.  no body.  Your husband and boyfriends who say they like you just how you are are tying not to hurt your feelings just so they can get a grab of what little bit of titty you actualy do have.   EVERY MAN WANT A BIG TITTY WOMAN and EVERY WOMAN HAVE A BIG TITTY-WANTING MAN !!!

Cons of Breast Augmentation

Cons: None. Not even one. Check this shit out! Look at how the women on the left probably get laughed at behind their backs for looking like shit, but the new and improved fake tittie version on the right of the same girl makes my dick hard !!!

breast augmentation before and afteri’m DTF Dave. its all about the dick, so look down to see whats up. stay cla$$y, player.

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what to do if a chicks pussy stinks

yo whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out if you are a legit PUA you will eventshully run into a chick with a hella Stinky pussy. not like stinky like shes been walkin around the mall for like 6hrs shopping and is just sweaty or whatevr. i mean like stinky like smells like that old ass left over fish taco that dave left in the sink for like 2 weeks that one time

ok so you got 2 choices playa that are these choices.

1.nut up and bang that pussy. you might wanna do this if you are a AFC and dont have that many Notches.   it stinks and is straight fuckin rotten nobody nose why even the chick. maybe she eats nothin but pizza sauce and it gave her a yeest Infection or maybe shes just ratchet anyway you will def wanna jimmy up for that shit dont hit a stinky pussy raw dog or else you are askin for mad Diseases. wrap that shit up dawg sometimes you gotta get that notch

2..  fuckin run like hell. i got plenty of notches its easy to score pussy so theres no reason to hit that shit unless you are bored or like unemployd. if you decide to run make shure she knows its because she has a stinky pussy maybe she will clean that shit. like make a grossed out face when she takes off her thong.

also when your leavin steal something out of her apartment

old lady fake tits ratchet pussy

you know that pussy be stinkin

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