reader question can you get that pussy if your a dj

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check htis out we got a hella good reader Question. this dude dj freshbeatz is all ‘yo frank im a hella fresh dj but i aint gettin no pussy whats up. dont wanna be like bass nectar or skrillex theyre mad fags ”

heres the anser son if your a dj and you aint gettin pussy your fuckin up for shure. im always goin to dubstep concerts &this one time the dj got his dick sucked by this chick on x. you must be a shitty dj if you cant get that pussy other wise your probly hella weird so you gotta step up your game son.

1. dont be hatin on other djs. this one time i saw a hella funny slap fight from 2 djs cuz one was hatin. you dont wanna be in a dj slap fight son youll get lauhged at for real
2 get a better dj name not gonna lie dj freshbeatz sucks
3. get some coke or x
4 give it to some chicks so they hang out with you or pay em some money thats Social proof playa

for real tho get it togetheer &get that pussy

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how to pick up chicks at the Library

yo whaddup its f-close frank. chcek this out  if you like nerd chicks theres a hella good place to pick em up its called the Library. if you didnt kno its a place where they got books &nerd chicks love books

anyway so i was walkin around hileah &had to take a shit saw the Library on w 49th figured you could shit there for free. turns out you  can hell yeah so i take a hella big shit &then i see this nerd chick with big titties. i could tell shes a nerd cuz she had glasses &was readin a BOok. i was alll ‘yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out that looks like a hella good book but is that 50 shades of Grey.” shes all hell yeah have you read it. i was all yeah its hella good anyway i got some coke do you wanna do some then ill domanate that pussy be hind the book shelf.” pretty soon i was boucin those tities around for real son shit is non ficshun

for real tho shits hella easy  go to the library get mad pussy &maybe read a book

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