happy skanksgiving

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out skanksgiving is tomorrow so heres hwat you gotta do. tonight its game time playa go out &get youre self a skank. you know all the chicks out tonight are skanks cuz if theyre good girls theyd have a boy friend already not be huntin for dick.

also read this classic bang some chicks post from dave turkey day game that will make her gobble your giblets. dtf dave teaches you how to get that thanksgiving pussy get out there stuff that skank turkey son

skinny chick big fake tits high heels

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hang out with chicks &get free shit

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out some times im all “yo shuld i hang out with this chick if we aint fuckin”. the anser is yes some times chicks can be good for stuff besides gettin that pussy one of thos ethings is gettin free shit

ok so a bunch of dudes are mad thirsty &will pretty much do anything for a chick to pay attention that means if your with a chick send her in to get pizza or whatever. usualy theres gonna be some hella thirsty AFC thinkin all “yo if i give this chick free chips im gonna get that pussy” but really shes thinkin “what a nice guy check it out free chips” shit is a chump move son dont be givin chicks free shit. shit make em pay doubel.

for real tho AFCs are everywhere might as well take advange get out there find a chick make her get some free shit playa

Gigantic silicone breasts collagen lip injections blonde woman

hell yeah you kno shes gettin hella free shit from dudes

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