book review 3 bromigos how to get laid online dating

yo whaddup its f close frank. check this out our boys in 3 bromigos put out this new ebook shit is hella good so check it out son

1st off 3 bromigos are hella legit playas son i seen pics of some chicks matt &bojangels banged &for real they are hella fly. (the chicks not matt &bojangels.) so these dudes know whats up esp with ok cupid. i never tried ok cupid so i read the e book that matt gave me &tryed it out

basically i already kno that chicks are hella dtf on ok cupid. im already hella good at Online dating but matts got a Sistum for bangin chicks even better than my shit on plenty of Fish. i got laid in like a week on ok cupid with matts openers &shit beleve me its mad easy esp in miami cuz chicks are hella big sluts.

for real if your a legit PUA you need this book shit has hella good Info plus its only 5 bucks so don’t be a fuckin broke ass support 3 bromigos &buy their shit.

click on this pic to get one

how to get laid on online dating


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