what do you do if a chick doesnt text you back

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out a lotta times chicks give you there Number but there hella dumb &forget you are a Playa or just are takin a shit or whatever &never anser the text. so what you gonna do son

heres what you do its hella easy &thats dont do shit. dont be hittin her up a bunch thats thirsty as fuck playa dont do it. forget the bitch &find a diffrent bitch

i was bangin this chick &she gets a text from some Orbiter all “hey whats up ;)’ you can tell hes hella AFC cuz he uses smiley faces like a fag. she didnt anser for like 5 mins cuz its fuck time &check htis out the AFC acshully sends like 5 more Texts. hes all worried like “yo are you hangin out with f-close frank i herd hes got hurpies.’ hes wrong playa get your dick checked but for real the chick was laffin at him cuz he buys her shit all the time never gets a pity HJ or nuthin

mad afc son again don’t do it one text thats it

heres some big fake tities hell yeah

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game for gay dudes how to get that dick if your gay

yo whaddup its f close frank. check this out got a hella good Email qesshun from a dude named starstud1972. hes all “Hi Frank 🙂 You seem to have very good advice for meeting women. I am a gay man. Do you have any advice for your homosexual readers?”

1. all i kno about really is bangin chicks but if you live in Miami you see hella gay dudes so i asked this dude leather stan whats up with gettin that dick. leather stan works the door at this gay bar next to my uncles house so the dude is straight up a legit gay playa

2nt its hella easy to get that dick son. unlike w/chicks just goin up to a dude &showin him youre dick is a good opener. leather stan says always go with the dick opener shit works hella good

also you can just grab a dudes dick its ok in the gay bar

3rd wear Pants w/no ass gay dudes are all about that shit. gotta show your DTF son

4. basicaly you gotta remember that dudes like to fuck and gay dudes like to fuck other dudes. sounds pretty easy son your game is kinda like chick game (minus the fake Tities) just dont be ugly boom your gettin that dick

anyway there you go its hella easy to be a PUA if your gay for real tho you wont be gay after you check out these tities

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