how to get rid of genital Warts

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out sometimes if your a legit Playa  you get shit on youre dick. my boy  pedro was all like ‘yo frank check this out i got genitel warts on my dick. how do iget rid of em’

i never had genital warts but that shit hella sucks bro

had to hit up my Dad which as you kno is a old school playa. im all ‘yo dad how do you get rid of  genitel Warts.” hes all bitchin tellin me to stop fuckin skanks but for real tho my dick is hella ok its pedro thats fuckin up. dads all like “no surprise playa pedro smashes out some hella nasty hos. tell him hes gotta soak his dick in some bleach. not that shit you get at the groshery store im talkin the hella good bleach from wal mart”

i hit up pedro &im like ‘yo bro dad says put youre dick in some bleach thats gonna clean up youre dick hella Fast”

so he calls me up later &hes all like frank you fuckin pendeyho my dick is all fucked up from bleachin it &the warts are still there. you fukced up son”

so i guess i dunno how to get rid of Genital warts but for sure the way to NOT get rid of em is to put bleach on your e dick. dont do it son you will for shure fuck youre dick up

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