what if your girlfriends friends hate you

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out gonna drop some Game wisdom on you about the chicks that youre girl hangs out with. most chicks dont ackshually have friends they have frenemies which is a frend thats really an enemie. make no misteak playa these bitches hate you too

heres the deal

when you first start bangin a chick shes all stoked &talkin shit about that one bitch (or 3) that she hangs out with. chicks are hella catty like that talkin shit non stop. Shit gets old fast

youre gonna know this if youre old school but evenshully a chick will get kinda board and shes gonna start hangin out with her friends again. thats when shits gonna go down playa these hos aint your friend.

it happened to me a while back this chick i was bangin has a girls night &comes back like ‘i had so much fun” even tho shes ushally talkin shit about her BFF. then i figure out that stacy (the BFF) has been hatin on yours truely. check this out shes alll sayin this shit

1. f-close frank is a man ho (true)
2. f-close frank is a asshole (true)
3.he is prob cheating on you (true)
4.f-close frank is mad Selfish &never buys you shit (true)
6. hes got hurpies (not true get your dick checked playa)

anyway shit is mostly true but who gives a shit bitch shouldnt be talkin shit. i got dumped no lie playa but its whatever cuz i was bangin like 3 other Chicks. you gotta reckognize that this shit will happen esp if the BFF is fat. fat chicks hate it when theyre friends are gettin dick no lie. its cuz their fat

the best thing you can do is be fuckin like 3 chicks at once but if you only got one chick heres what you do. hang out with the friends then you gotta mad call out the chick thats bein a bitch. be all like “yo stacy check this out but you seem mad chill tonight you been gettin some dick or what”

for real tho shes never gettin dick cuz shes fat

shes gonna be all like nah i aint gettin dick so you just tell her ‘its all good playa shit is real out there. your gonna find a man some day whos down with your strong and interesting personality. no lie homeboy is prob on plenty of fish you should check it out”

fat bich destroyed playa you win again. get out there get that pussy son

sexy blonde girl with large breasts

check out how to fuck chicks the right way then it wont matter if their friends are talkin shit

how to answer i have a boyfriend

yo whaddup it’s f-close frank. check this out a lotta times when youre talkin to a chick she will say “i have a boy friend”. if youre a AFC youre probly just gonna quit. dont do it son your fuckin up. heres how to answer i have a boyfriend.

this one time i picked up this stripper i think out of Deans Gold (my fav Strip club). we were in the back of Daves car doin coke. shes tellin me stuff and im like “yo show me your tities’

then she pulls the ‘i cant i have a boyfriend’ shit. hella weak to say the least

shit was mad gay esp since she just did a shitload of my coke for free. no big deal tho being that i’m a MPUA (master PUA) I bust out the best line ever which will work garanteed.

“yo check this out i dont care”

basically this chick was tryna shit test me. gotta prove your not a pussy when your talkin to chicks even if they say they got a boyfriend. it works son heres how.

1. you gotta say it like you dont give a shit. if youre mad or whatever shes gonna know
2.make good eye Contact. you gotta be dominent cuz chicks love Dominent dudes. if your a pussy when you say you dont care shes gonna laugh
3.you gotta say it at the right time. like when your hangin out with a chick for a while &she busts the boyfriend line go ahead and tell her you dont give a shit. but check this out if she says it right after your opener your gonna get a drink pored on your head or some shit. shes sayin that shit to get rid of your ass not as a Shit Test

basically dont have autizm and your good bro trust me it works like a charm

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she aint got a boyfriend bro

check out jason capital for more legit PUA tips

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reader question how come you didnt write bang some chicks for like a year

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out i didnt write anything on bang some chicks for like a year. i started it up again &some readers are like ‘yo what the fuck frank where you been” so heres the deal

if you read this site back in the day you prob remember my boy dtf dave. check this out i went to high school w/Dave &we got into PUA together too. dudes a legit playa

me &dave were hella tite basically bros for life. you know whats up like you got that one good friend &hes always the one you chill with or do coke with at the Strip club.

anyway dave went to jail

dude kept fuckin up &like a year ago he finaly got out of jail. thing is tho he found jeezus &thats mad fuckin gay when your tryna pick up chicks. im tryna get that pussy &daves all like ‘check this out you gotta repent your sins &not do coke or fuck chicks.” then hes talkin to chicks &hes all like “yo check this out but did you know fake tities are not part of gods plan”

fuck that bro when i herd that shit i had enuff of his jeezus shit. basically dave is NOT a legit PUA any more which sucks plus hes fuckin up my game nonstop.

anyway dave met this chick at church. shes ok maybe like a 6 but she has small tits &wont even do coke hella fuckin buzz kill. daves like ‘frank check this out we cant be friends if you wont accept jeezis into your Life”.

for real tho dave &me will allways be boys but hes doin his own thing. hes got a kid &shit now which is gay because hes prob changing diapers like a fag at this very minute. im on my own playa its all good tho. I desided to write more bang some chicks articals maybe a book too.

for real tho these fake tities are def part of gods plan check em out

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how to learn how to fuck chicks

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out today im gonna teech you how to fuck chicks. its hella easy to learn how to fuck chicks the right way. you gotta do it playa other wise the chick aint gonna come back for 2nds. heres how you do it

1st: you gotta bang a bunch a chicks. bangin chicks will make you better at bangin the next Chick. thats called scients son

thats good Advise if your a legit playa but check this out some times your a AFC or you suck &you cant fuck chicks. then what. you gotta read a book son thats what. check this out heres a good book on fuckin chicks. its by this guy revolushunary lifestyle Design. his books the shit check it out

how to fuck women properly

check it out this is how you Fuck chicks

i red this book &its got hella good Advise plus theres a hella hot chick on the cover possibly w/fake tities. like if you bust a nut hella fast you gotta pick up a flesh light which is hella good cuz its like fuckin a ackshual Pussy. dont get lazy son you gotta still leave the house tho dont just fuck the flesh light all day or you will get fired from Applebees trust me. whatevs tho the boss was a fag

so check this out now that you red the book now you gotta go out &try it on some chick. this time insteed of 2 pump chumpin some chick youre gonna be a hella fresh God of sex like my boy pedro before he got hurpies. chicks are gonna be like “yo f close frank (or whatever youre name is) check this out but your slingin hella dick today. whats the deal.” &then you just fuck her again cuz hell no you aint gonna be tellin some chick you got fired cuz you were practisin fuckin a flesh light.

for real tho this book is hella good check it out heres some tities

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how to get laid on valentines day

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out last week was valintines Day. shit was mad gay but chicks love valentineds day so if you missed out youre fuckin up son. do that shit right next time heres how.

1. take her to a Movie &resterant

yeah right son thats AFC shit heres the real way cuz valentines day is for chumps. you gotta tell your chick its like a reguler day. act like you aint got nothin goin on &shes gonna get all Pissed off. chicks love valentines day cuz its about love &chicks love love so you gotta make it a big Surprize. heres how you get laid on valentines day

be like ‘ok were goin to mcdonalds do you want a mcburger.” &shes for shure gonna get pissed. then when shes good &pissed bust out the real shit

1. drive to mcdoalds
2.act like your gonna order then be like fuck you &drive off
3.take youre chick to the club
5. be liek happy valentines day girl i got us some coke
6.bang her in the bath room

shit is Romantic as fuck son try it

heres some titties

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