pros and cons of breast augmentation

are you considering breast implants? are you searching website pages looking for the latest patient safety data on breast augmentation? are you concerned about finding an appropriately credenteled provider with a proven track record in cosmetic surgery? are you looking for a clinical setting that’s comfortable and relaxing, and more like a spa than an ambalatory surgical center?

why?   fake titties make the world go round so stop being a whiney little bitch, pick a tittie doctoer, and make an appointmenmt.  here is a full list of the pros and cons to consider when making your decision to have breast augmentation ::

Pros of Breast Augmentation

Pro 1. you will boost your self-estem and increase your worth. If you even think your titties are too small or too natural feeling THEY ARE.   by making them bigger and harder, you will make wieners everywhere bigger and harder which will improve your value as a woman.   you can spend the rest of your life making sandwiches in order to be noticed by men or you can just pop out a double D tittie.  IT IS YOUR CHOICE SO CHOOSE WISLEY

Pro 2. you will be one step closer to the pole.  if you ever run out of child support payments or youre a old bitch who nobody will marry, you can always be a stripper and at least find someone who pretends to love you !!!   fake titties are an economically viable alternative to a education, and hard productive work is for men.  the closer you are to the pole, the closer you are to making money off your hole even if nobody wants it without strobe lights and fog machines to mask your stretchmarks ande ingrown hairs

Pro 3. you can fulfill your duty as a woman by having big fake milkers.  you OWE it to the men who gave you the right to vote to be pleasant to look at.  you OWE it to the male society who opens dorrs for you even though your arms aint broke to have some cleveage to look at when you walk pass us in the door-way

Pro 4. nobody loves a small tittied bitch.  no body.  Your husband and boyfriends who say they like you just how you are are tying not to hurt your feelings just so they can get a grab of what little bit of titty you actualy do have.   EVERY MAN WANT A BIG TITTY WOMAN and EVERY WOMAN HAVE A BIG TITTY-WANTING MAN !!!

Cons of Breast Augmentation

Cons: None. Not even one. Check this shit out! Look at how the women on the left probably get laughed at behind their backs for looking like shit, but the new and improved fake tittie version on the right of the same girl makes my dick hard !!!

breast augmentation before and afteri’m DTF Dave. its all about the dick, so look down to see whats up. stay cla$$y, player.

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social kenny gives social justice like a REAL alpha player does

OMFG i am still tied up on house arrest and this ankle bracelet thing from miami p.d. is putting a real kill on my mad PUA skills because i can’t lure these high school chicks into my house since the principle has warned all the sweet pussy about me.

so what does a REAL pua do when he canot pua due to legal tehethers around his leg?  HE SHARPENS HIS ALREADY MAD SKILLS by LEARNING from another REAL PUA !!!

If this shit aint alpha as fuck i don’t know what is. a real alpha male will chase a bitch down on the street and hold her accountabol for being a bitch.  we will watch this video together and then i will make science on it (not watch it at the SAME time though because i do not know when it is that u r going to watch it but i have already watched it so it is ok and i can still make science on it for you like Rosey does with the numbers for the time that stuff happens in the video.

Science at 0:06 – Notice what a phat fucking pad Kenny has. a REAL pua knows how to live large. this helps with the bitches so that is why am waiting on my mom to die unexpectidly so i can have the house to my-self !!!

Science at 0:16 – do not wait to long for her to respoind to your text or message. notice how social kenny is going to call her out on her shit for not responding to a text or facebook message from the previous nite  !!!  she only will get 12 or 24 hours to respoind or else you will call her out on her shit

Science at 0:32 – dont say cheesy shit or else you are a beta male.  say not cheesy shit that will put her in her place instead !!!

Science at 1:14 – the girl he is calling out on her shit is the same bitch he ALREADY had to feature on a video for a shit test !! dont be all vigilantie on a bitch unless she got it coming. kenny is wise to make shore he only calls out a bitch that deserve his ALPHA RATH

Science at 2:15 – i think kenny just coined a new pua acronem with ‘playfully and dominant’ and i will call it ‘PLAYFUL DOMINANCE’ i will make specific science on that later once i am street legal again and can test it out.   the new acronem is gojng to be P.D. to show that i know what i am talking about even though it were kenny who said it first but i am the one who will make the acronem of P.D. ™ ®

Science at 2:39 – he should have showed some big fake titties here instead of that stock photos but he still the man

Science at 2:45 – when you call a girl out on her shit, always sneak up on her from behind and over her left shoulder. science say that you can greatly reduce a btiches integration of sensory stimuli and retard the initiation of common pathways for movement to render her in a mild form of shock. approach her from over her left shoulder if she right handed because the cerebelum will try to recoup from the initial shock and bee to slow to properly control bitch reflexes or balance key aspects of functional movement or defesne coordination. this is the science way to say creep up like a ALPHA male do in the wild on a billy goat to eat it ONLY YOU WILL NOT EAT HER.

Science at 2:48 – this is the first clear shot we get of the gilr who needs to be put in her place. notice how social kenny can approach like a alpha male because you can see that her bitch bag is longer than her arm can reach to the bottom of it.  she can not grab mace and squirt it in his face without digging way deep in the bag so he can approach wit confidince !!!  if her bitch bag was not deeper than her arm can reach, kenny would have to be prepared to run away while she pulled out mace

Science at 2:56 – kenyy shows alpha dominance by speaking to her in a foreign language.  he say ‘kay passa’ which is a DHV for him to let her know how cultured he is

Science at 3:04 – never give up and never surrender !!!   if you send a bitch a message and she don’t respond just send her another one before confronting her on the street.  this is how you know you are righteous in your judgment of her because she had mor than one opportinity to respond but she did not

this is how shit is really done, mofos. if you ever stop learning you stop learning and that is not good.  i recommend to all my friends that they check out REAL pua players and learn from them if they get arrested and cant go out of the house.

in honner of social kenny pua, here is is some big fake ebony titties to remind you of the reward you can have IF YOU ARE A ALPHA MALE PUA who knows how to LEARN from OTHER ALPHA MALE PUAS !!!

big ebony fake titties

i’m DTF Dave. its all about the dick, so look down to see whats up. stay cla$$y, player.

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i hate fat chicks and you should too

there is absolutely nothing worse than a fat chick. i would gladly exchange one fat chick for a dozen Hitlers and i would keep making that trade all day long until all the fat chicks disappear in to fat air. fat chicks are the worst thing that ever happened to humanity because they are like a cancer that eats away at are society.   can you think of even one use for a fat chick ?

no you cant because nobody can. maybe a fat chick who can cook is good but even then a good meal made by a skinny hot chick is far better.,  betty crocker was fly as fuck for a chick from the 1800s and she makes good food that’s better than the pig slop my fat mom puts out on the table every day.   i would bang the hell out of betty crocker but i would never bang my mom because she is fat and ive already had a close-up tour of that pussy anyway [NOT IN A SEXUAL WAY BUT IN THE WAY OF BEING BORN]

in addition to being ugly, loud, and taking up too much space, fat chicks have attitudes. some of them try to hide behind bitchy behavior to make you see their fiercness instead of their fat ass, but it doesn’t work because nothing can hide that fat ass with so many stretchmarks they look like an albino tiger. other fat chicks try to hide behind acting all dainty and shit so they paint their nails and FIX JUST THE FRONT of their hair like we cant see the back of that rats nest. they do this because they cant reach the back with their fat fucking arms.  AND WHY DO FAT CHICKS PAINT THEIR TOE NAILS??? why draw attention to the one part of your chubby unshaped body that looks like vienei weiner links ?!?   don’t paint your toe nails you dumb fat chick COVER THAT SHIT UP.

i got drunk one night and accidently saw a fat chick naked. she was so fat and had so many rolls that she couldn’t trim her pussy hair so her fat pussy area looked like a pissed off melted troll doll with its tongue sticking out.  THIS IS WHY I HATE FAT CHICKS !!!   i should be eligible for disability or some shit since i had to look at that thing.  i swear god only gives fat chicks big tits so guys will still talk to them

what we need more of is chicks who are skinny like Asians but have the big tits of a fat chick !!!

this is how it spoda be !!!

this is how it spoda be !!!

i’m DTF Dave. its all about the dick, so look down to see whats up. stay cla$$y, player.

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how to not get butt-raped in jail

i had to go to jail for a few weeks because my sister cant KEEP HER MOUTH SHUT when it comes to private maders concerning the sell of certain substances. my own sister ratted me out even though she sells more than i do !!!

i think she was pissed off that i was cutting in to her major demographic at the elemtery school

the good thing is now i know how to tell you how to not get raped in the butt when you go to jail. if you are a REAL PUA player you will eventually go to jail for some shit you did while being genrally awesome and a winner at life

the guy who decided to play what-what in my butt was a little short guy about 5’1” so he was way shorter then me. he was either mexican or lebenese or something I CANT TELL THEM APART so i don’t really know. his shaved head had tattoos showing on them which scared me because i am white and the tattoos were not tribal like im used to

he made me dance like a stripper which was odd because i was in a holding tank with a bunch of other dudes and the cops were just standing there laughing.  the cops did not protect me all they did was offer the guy a condom because they said i looked dirty !!!

the little guy took a couple of blankets off the cot and put them up over the bars on the side like to make a little fortress of rape for my butthole. he was gentle at first when he kissed my neck but i still didn’t like it because  i’m not in to dudes

i know this website post is about how NOT to get raped in jail, but i got raped anyway. im telling you this advise based on looking back at what i should have done !!!

i should have used my teeth more while giving him oral, and i should have pooped on him when he tried to get into my butthole.

so the best way to not get raped in the butt by a mexican or lebenease guy in jail is to eat a lot of mexican or lebenease food before you get arrested.    this will make your breath smell bad so he wont want a blowjob and it will load your ass so full that you can use it as a cannon !!!   think of it as the equevelent of a girl with a stank pussy. once you get a whiff of that, you lose your boner and don’t want to fuck her no more. it is the same principle as this

i’m DTF Dave. its all about the dick, so look down to see whats up. stay cla$$y, player.

it was nothing like this at all !!!

it was like this only i was the bitch  🙁

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How to cure genital warts with bong water

i do NOT have genital warts, but a few of the girls i bang on the reg have girlie bits that look like a freshly stocked supermarket produce aisle. BUT broccoli beth and cauliflower cathy are two of my favorite bitches, so i try not to hate on them to much for their social afflictions.

as my boy F-Close Frank said in his article last month, any REAL player with a PUA attitude will eventually get a STD growing down there. even Social kenny PUA said the same thing on his website page !!!  a real player will have women begging for it in their mouth and pussy and in their ass, and the ass is the problem.  any smart guy can figure out that if you walk around with shit on your dick, youre bound to catch something !!!

so what to do?  the answer can be found in home remedies if youre too poor or embarrassed to go to the doctor. the best way to cure genital warts is to treet them with bong water. just soak a rag in the leftover angel spit and let it soak on your crotch while you fall asleep at night. i know for a FACT that this works because broccoli beth and cauliflower cathy do it all the time, and you can see the little shriveld up warts on the sheets in the morning after they fall off.  PRO TIP: DO NOT LET YOUR DOG EAT THEM BECASE THEY ARE NASTY!!!   the warts come back in like two days, but at least I get two full days of fucking them without catching anything.

next week i will post other home remedies on how to cure STDs with stuff around the house. for example, my sister grinds children’s tylenol tablets into a powder then forms a paste using jack daniels, but i don’t know what that’s for.   every time i ask her what its for she just says ‘you should know, asshole.’ HAHA !!!   i don’t know what that slut is trying to cure,  but i do know that whatever it is must be some really bad shit, so when i find out i will post it here as a tip.

you can’t be too careful out there as a PUA. there’s something growing on everything everywhere these days. make sure you ALWAYS wrap it up for safety unless you take a multivitimine an hour before sex to block all the STDs like a forcefield.

i’m DTF Dave. its all about the dick, so look down to see whats up. stay cla$$y, player.


huge tits on hot girl

you KNOW this bitch needs the angel spit cure !!! i’d totally still do her though !!!

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me and f-close franks 5 new years resolutions for 2013

it is a new year and a new beginning so we can start over. i am not saying we are going to start over on everything cuz me and my boy have mad skills in MANY areas when it comes to dicking lots of bitches PUA style

but there is always room for improvement if you are a super alpha of the highest odor.

one- me and frank will use valtrex every day like we are supposed to so we don’t feel bad lying to bitches all the time and then getting pissed off phone calls later

two- we will choose one day a week and speak ONLY in pua acronems to keep our skills sharp. we will also punch in the face any man who say the word ‘hypergamy’ because its time to let that shit go

three- we will be open to the possibility of slinging dick at fat chicks. not because they are people too, but because they’re not.  we can fuck them when we are in relationships with skinny chicks and it won’t be cheating because they don’t count as humanity

for- we will stop fighting over the cakes and shakes chick because she already have a boyfriend and he is bigger than us.  we did appreaciate the n00dz she sent us for christmas though

five- we will stop trolling mansphere blogs under the name of  ‘mark minter’ and we will shut down our other blog called the Private Man because its not funny no more. everybody knows a man cannot really be that old and still work a computer anyway !!!

i’m DTF Dave. its all about the dick, so look down to see whats up. stay cla$$y, player.

sexy new year

she needs to take her valtrex to !!! BUT SHE IS WORTH THE RISK LOL

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the 4 types of hypergamy every PUA should recognize

i have been reading all around many website pages about hypergamy and i had to look it up to see what it meant. but i did, so now i know !!!   and some doctors made science for it so it is real !!!

but there is more than one hypergamy type that REAL PUAs should be keeping in there minds so they know which one it is that they are dealing with . and here are those types listed for you

one- natural hypergamy: this is where a bitch trades up for herself and goes to get the best she can. this makes sure she have a good and best dad for her baby and the best man to be a provider for her. this is also called healthy hypergamy because it is the type that even PUAs teach their own daugthers because they want the best for them. only they call it teaching theyr daughter to be ‘selective’ instead of saying hypergamy but it is still the same thing as hypergamy which is why a doctor made science for it !!!

two- chronic hypergamy: this is where a bitch just keeps trading up for herself and goes to get the best she can but she never stops even when she promises herself to a man. she keeps trading up and up until she is old and nobody wants to fuck her no more, then she blame everybody else because she is too stupid to know that a woman that nobody wants to fuck is largly worthless to most of the human race because then she is like a man but men are way better at being a man than women are. this is also called humorous hypergamy because its funny how they talk about it at jezebel like it don’t exist and REAL PUA men laugh at them when they are 36 with nobody to put a baby in their belly and they are become socially irrelevant

three- ghost hypergamy: this is the type of hypergamy identified by a man when there is no hypergamy at play at all. he say ‘i am badboy PUA and i just want to make the sex to you’ and she say back to him ‘ok’ and when she is done, his PUA slips and he likes her a little but she goes and leaves anyway because that was the deal he set up in the beginning. this is also called blame your problems on women hypergamy because you get what you asked for then don’t like it. he want only to sex her at first, then change his mind to trade up to relationship with her and she say no. then me and F-Close Frank laugh at him because we are double teaming the slut he’s all hung up on !!!

for- Ctrl+V  hypergamy: this is where no matter what somebody write, the comment section have the word hypergamy in it. ‘top 10 way to choose a good suit and tie to make you look good’ have in the comments section something retarded like  ‘that’s awesome because womens hypergamy make them like a man in a good suit !!!”   it is like they keep the h-word on their clipbard so they can paste it in to any and every comment. this is also called WTF hypergamy because everybody who read that comment say WTF is that shit about?   it’s like these guys see hypergamy everywhere

science by doctors

now you know all for types of hypergamy. only one kind is really bad for a man (chronic hypergamy) but there is good news because any fool with half a brain can see it coming from a mile away. me and frank laugh lik this ‘hahahah hahahahah hahahahahah!!!!!!!’ when some man talk about what chronic hypergamy did to him because chronic hypergamy not a wave that crash in to you, its like the sea that you wade in to slowly until you are in over your head. how the fuck did you not see that coming??? !!!

i’m DTF Dave. its all about the dick and the hypergamous bitches who love it, so look down to see whats up. stay cla$$y, player.


this titties show that hypergamy is good.  bigger and better !!!

this titties show that hypergamy is good. bigger and better !!!

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Merry CHRISTmas !!! be sure to go a wassailing

every year at CHRISTmas (i say it as CHRISTmas on a count of i am religious other than my pua beliefs) my family has the best holiday tradition of going a wassailing. we use my aunt Katie for this tradition because she is so fucking fat that she can’t fight back to well. she just sits there crying and saying ‘i am a human being with feelings, and i love my family  !!! so why are you summbitches treating me so badly when i do so much for you?’

hahahahaha hahah haha !!! its because youre fucking fat you wortless two ton piece of shit.

but in case you are a pagan without CHRIST in your CHRISTmas and do not know what the tradition of wassailing is, here is the definition: wassailing is the art of wrestling a waffle from a fat chick. it’s fun as hell, and though you have to be careful not to leave physical marks (fat chicks bruise easily despite all that cushioning), you can leave all the emotional scars you want

this article may not have much to do with PUA lifestyle living, but its CHRISTmas and my mind is not on that shit right now. its on the mangy baby jesus where it should be. And fat Katie.

leggo my eggo you fat cunt !!!

i’m DTF Dave. its all about the dick, so look down to see whats up. stay cla$$y, player.

sexy santa

look at that rump a pum pum !!! Miss Saint Nick can suck my dick !!!

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top 10 ways to know if she is a stripper when you don’t meat her in the strip club

strippers make the best harem girls because they are nasty. i don’t give a fuck what anybody says, it takes a fucked in the head bitch to be able to crawl around naked on her hands and knees scooping up dollar bills after a song and still be able to look at herself in the mirror when she is done !!!

but sometimes it is hard to pick up strippers in the strip club because they are in whore mode. i have used my PUA skills successfully in the club before and got some stripper pussy for free, but it is better to meat them in real life not in the strip club if you really want to dick a nasty bitch

here are the TOP TEN WAYS to tell how IF A GIRL IS A STRIPPER if you do not meat her in a strip club and just meat her on a regular club instead !!!

one-  if you are in line behind her at the grocery store and she pays for her food itums with a $20 and 74 singles SHE MIGHT BE A STRIPPER !!! if there’s a couple of $2 bills in there too, you know goddamn well she is

two- if she’s fucking hot as fuck but she’s always single SHE MIGHT BE A STRIPPER !!!

three- if she has two kids but nobody has ever seen them SHE MIGHT BE A STRIPPER !!!

for- if she always has a ton of money but still can’t make the payments on her Mustang SHE MIGHT BE A STRIPPER !!!

five- if she can go for a swim under a waterfall in a rain storm and rinse off in a fire hose and STILL have glitter on her SHE MIGHT BE A STRIPPER !!!

six- if she has that look in her eyes that makes you sad and you don’t know why EVEN if you do not normerlly have feelings of pity for bitches SHE MIGHT BE A STRIPPER !!!

seven-  if she keeps her EBT card and WIC coupons in a diamond studded Goochey purse SHE MIGHT BE A STRIPPER !!!

eight- if every thing expensive like a laptop and iphne and ipad she has she always say ‘my FRIEND bought this for me’ SHE MIGHT BE A STRIPPER !!!

nine- if she has two cell phones because she is too stupid to have two numbers on one device SHE MIGHT BE A STRIPPER !!!

ten- if she is 28 year old and is still supposedly working on her elementary education teaching certificate at devry or university of phenix SHE MIGHT BE A STRIPPER !!!

i’m DTF Dave. its all about the dick, so look down to see whats up. stay cla$$y, player.


stripper ass

if she got a nasty booty like this and she still show it you KNOW she a stripper lol

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