bang some chicks ebook is comin out soon

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out been workin hard on the bang some chicks ebook. this shit is gonna be the best gide to gettin chicks for real son its all your gonna need to bang sexy chicks.

its gonna have every post from the bang some chicks site plus a bunch of new shit that wont be on the site. your gonna learn shit like this

1. gettin that pussy
2 dressin like a playa
3 how to score coke
4 strip clubs
5 bein a legit PUA

plus your gettin hella pics of fake titties just like on the site. shits gonna be sick best part its free just down load that shit& youll be a legit PUA in no time son. heres some tities

tattooed blonde huge fake tits


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