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yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out i was readin unleesh the beef dude is hella funny check it out. anyway he s tellin you weird shit that AFCs google &find his blog. i asked a nerd how to find that shit turns out we got hella good  Search terms today so check em out

big fake tits
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sexy fake tits
huge fake tits
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girls with big fake tits
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short haired blonde with hard fake tits
yo whaddup its f-close frank.
big fake titties
take your big tits
sling fake tits
fake silicone tits
he is raping my butt
fake tits sluts
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big silicone tits
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i met this guy on plenty of fish who had a huge dick
big fake tit goth
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hot brazilian latina big fake tits bikini her name from bangsomechicks com
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fish fuck girls
wut if your dick is to small
squeeze fake tits
skinny chicks with fake tits
emo girls fake tits
red fake huge tits -cock -porn -fucks -xxx -dick -natural -milf -cum -he -his -him -guy -man -screwed -black
retard gets some pussy
if you can fine my pussy you can bang it
fake tits girl
amazing fake tits stripping
leather boobs
bikini tits latina
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single mother fucking son
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pua doggy style
fuck using fish

hell yeah as you can See hella dudes like seein pics of fake titties so if your checkin out bang some chicks lookin at titie pics make shure you read the articals might learn somethin son.

heres some more fake tities for that old dude that likes fake tities. get it son

old woman big fake tits camel toe

check it out hella big camel toe

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5 thoughts on “bang some chicks search terms

  1. yo f-close waddup son? kid, great terms 4 real tho son. yo just 4the record kid wanna let u kno i DID NOT serch for ‘i met this guy on plenty of fish who had a huge dick’ that gay shit def never happened to me son haha just sayin. keep is sleazy son _UTB

    • whaddup unleesh the beef. hella stoked that mad dudes are searchin for fake tits that means more Chicks are gonna get fake tits. for real tho bro its cool if your checkin out that big plenty of fish Dick &not fake tities. if chicks ask tho tell em they need fake tities

    • dont worry unleash the beef u werent alone i searched the exact same but im not gay i just wanted tips to get a mad huge dick!!!! I want to be like me heroes Fclose FRankd and Nigel David and DTF Dave!

    • whaddup kenny havent heard from you bro are you still kickin it pua style. havent checked out youre site in a while either my bad.

      hell yeah love fake tits &for real granny got a hella huge Camel toe

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