best christmas gift 2012 for single man

every since i came across roosh 5’s website page, i have been reading his tips even though he does NOT use PUA acronems like most of the top PUAs i know INCLUDING me and f-close frank. but me and frank still went in halfs on the too books by roosh 5 that looked the most interesting to us which were bang and day bang

motherfucker knows his shits. you should pick up bang at this website page and the other one day bang at this website page these are good books and both books together  cost less than the shitty Big 8 you’ve been buying from your neighbors stepdad

but before all my fans and followers pull out the money they should be saving for child support and spend it on roosh 5, my boy F-Close and i want to introduce to you our books that we are writing right now that will be out in time for xmas. we thought roosh 5’s books kicked ass but we wanted to write similar books for the common man who may not be a PUA yet or is still working on his PUA skills.

if this sounds like you, and you have to fap it because your not good with the bitches yet…

**************** introducing !!! **************

FAP $19.99 plus tax, shipping and handling (download only)

* Learn the best free streaming porn vid sites on the web like and

* Creative ideas for how to make sick ass fantasies in your head to fap to so you come faster

* How to get a bitch’s interest by telling her you fap to her every night (even if it is a lie !!!)

* Different strokes for different folks mean you can learn new ways to fap it so it seems like cheating

* How to fap in your sister’s friend’s hair and only get caught if you want to


 DAY FAP $19.99 plus tax, shipping and handling (download only)

* Top 10 places to hide at work where you can fap it without interruption

* The law, street fapping, that one chick who accidentally saw the whole thing, and you

* Top 5 best responses to ‘Sir, are you masturbating?’ because you’ll want to be ready for that shit

* Those melons aren’t seedless anymore: a gentleman’s guide to fapping it in the produce aisle

* The legal definition of “school zone” and 20 other terms you’ll definitely need to know

make sure you come back here on december 23rd when my brother is done with the edits and download the best xmas prescent youll EVER give to yourself !!!

i’m DTF Dave. its all about the dick, so look down to see whats up. stay cla$$y, player.

huge fake tits blonde hair blue bra

—-twitter is for high school bitches but i got one anyway @bangsomechicks

13 thoughts on “best christmas gift 2012 for single man

  1. I assume this is a joke. If not, Roosh is going to sue you. And the V is for his last name, not the number 5. I assume you know this though and are attempting to be funny. I believe that the subjects discussed in the Androsphere are serious and should not be made fun of, and what you are doing here hurts the cause more than feminism and family courts combined.

  2. @Jeremy- Who cares what Roosh thinks. This article is actually giving props to Roosh, so he shouldn’t even mine anyway.

    • yo whaddup we will defanitly be writing more books including a gide to having sex with a older woman (age 23+) and dtf dave is real good at getting strippers to suck his dick for free so maybe he will write a book on that

    • bro you gotta check out some good fake titties there fuckin amazing. me & dave both love fake titties. But fuck yeah she is mad fly for sure

      • agreed fake titties is what it is all about !!! if they can go in your mouth, they are real !!! we still have mad respect for you though kenny

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