can chicks be PUAs

yo whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out a Reader asked me &dave if chicks can be PUAs.

basically chicks CAN be PUAs but girl game is way diffrent than regular Game. like a chick doesnt hafta do shit like openers &routines &negs &shit. basically she has 2 things that shes gotta do that is these 2 things

1.not be fat
2. have big fake tities

if  a chick is skinny with big tities she is gonna get pretty much any dick there is except my boy nigel dude is a straight up fat chick playa.  so check this out i am gonna give you an example of legit chick game.

chick: (sits there bein skinny w/fake tities)

me: yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out your hella fly do you want to do some Coke.

as you can see i walked up and hit on this chick just cuz she has fake tities and even gave her some coke. all she had to do was not be fat shit is hella easy son so if you are a chick &wanna be a chick PUA just be skinny mabye think about gettin some Fake tities

blonde chick big round fake tits


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6 thoughts on “can chicks be PUAs

    • yo bro check this out you always wanna go direct with fly chicks &follow up with something like ‘yo you are hella fly but check this out did you used to be a desk chick at walmart. do you ahve fake tities.” try it out see if it works kinda depends on your personalite like if you are a nerd it wont work youlll have to get some swag first

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