How to identify and give dick to a classy bitch

any real PUA worth a shit knows that his stable needs a good mix of dirty bitches and classy ladies. the classy ones can be expensive because theyre used to motherfuckers taking them to upscale places like red lobster or olive garden, but thats the hazards of the PUA lifestyle. YOU HAVE TO PAY TO PLAY THE GAME PLAYER

normerly i only keep one classy bitch around because they can be very demanding. they get bigger than theirselfs because they plan to go to college for a few years even though its  just a diploma program at some lame college that advertises during maury Povich and shit. trying to keep a bitch like that in check is hard because theyre the type to call the cops on you if you show to much alpha dominance.

but we all have parties and church to go sometimes so its good game to have at least one girl around that’s not a complete ho. usually they fall completely for my game because my skills are better then most guys i know out there. it aint hard to dick a classy bitch but it is hard to find one since most girls at the club and on the street are complete skanks. heres three things to look for to identify a classy bitch.

one- a classy bitch who i will now abreveate to ‘cb’ will wear a black bra. sluts wear that cheap white lace shit they get from the walmart because babby daddy didn’t pay support or her check didn’t come. but the cb will ware something she can be proud of and show that she is not at the bottom of the bucket. a black brazere will do just that.

two- a cb will always have a smart phone case that didn’t come from amazon or one of those kiosk things in the mall ( when i say smart phone i am talking about an iphone or one of those phones that works and looks like an iphone but isn’t a iphone).

three- a cb will  have all her tattoos and piercings done by a professional. nobody enjoys a good nipple piercing party more than me because the view is awesome with girls piercing each other ones titties out in the open, but  a true cb gets her shit poked thru by a real piercer. and for ink she does not have fucking stupid butterfly and pixie wing shit tht came from a stencil at a shit parlor near the club. a cb will search out a TRUE PROFESSIONAL ARTIST to work on her and SHE WILL HAVE ORIGIONAL ART on her body because it is her sacared canvas


i’m DTF Dave. its all about the dick, so look down to see whats up. stay cla$$y, player.

motorcycle porn hot girl

notice the black bra. classy bitch (or cb as i call it) !!

—-twitter is for high school bitches but i got one anyway @bangsomechicks

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