day gamin at the STD clinic

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out my boy x days told us on twitter that we should day game some chicks at the std clinic so of corse  i hit that shit up cuz a legit PUA needs to make shure theres no shit on his Dick. good idea bottom line tho the std clinic is not really the place to game chicks

the first chick i went up to in the wateing room wasnt feelin me. i was all “yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out you are hella fly but do you have any aids or anything.’ turns out she had fucked hella dudes and was thinkin she had aids all cryin and shit it was makin my dick soft. fuckin bailed on that shit

second chick was sittin next to her turns out it was her sorority sister DO NOT USE THE SAME OPENER ON CHICKS THAT ARE SITTIN NEXT TO EACH OTHER!!!! not gonna lie shit is a bad move son.

ok so it was my turn boom whipped out my dick on the nurse. good move cuz strip club chicks are always  sayin that i got a legit dick. anyway she was all ‘sweet dick but im acshually not the doctor i just got a herpes test” boom got the number close son always remember to bust out your dick

then the docter came in bummer its a dude all checkin out my dick and shit. not cool but good news is i dont have ether herpes or the CLap.  aids takes 2 weeks but i didnt raw dog any cubans lately so im good playa

anyway if your bored day game some chicks at the std Clinic dont expect much tho

sexy blonde doctor fake tits

hell yeah love to give those tities a check up

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7 thoughts on “day gamin at the STD clinic

  1. Try gaming the abortion clinic. It’s great because chicks wouldn’t be there if they didn’t like to fuck and you can’t get em pregnant twice. Might wanna skip the chicks that are on their way out though. Shit’s probably all blown out.

    • thx bro shit was outta control. but for real i wouldnt have even thouht about doin this but my boy x days had the idea for real that dude is takin game to the next level

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