f-close frank goes to las angeles

whaddup its f-close frank so check this out last week i  went to LA thats why i didn’t post anything dave is still on house Arrest bein hella gay. check this out LA is a diffrent city than miami so i got to test my game in a place that is NOT miami. heres whats diffrent

1.lots of LA chicks have big fake tities hell yeah
2.mexican girls are way the fuck uglier in LA like i am talkin the cleening lady from family Guy ugly. miami has hella fly latina chicks many of which have  fake tities.

2.LA has some really good Coke
3. LA is way harder to pull pussy than miami plus stip Clubs are more epensive. i only got 1 blow job from a stripper &didnt get any notches but i was stayin with my cousin dude is hella AFC &his game sucks. he is gettin married to some fat chick. she had hella fat friends that were tryin to get on my dick. i was all like  next time i gotta bring my boy nigel with me hed be gettin that fat pussy
4. the beach is hella fuckin cold &there werent that many chicks on the beach
5.flyin fuckin sucks. tsa dudes are mad fuckin gay and will touch youre dick

anyway LA is ok miami is way better gotta rep that hometown son. if you are board check out LA tho

big fake tits dick sucking lips


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