game challunge scalp a bitch

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out got a new game challenge for you shit is gonna be off the hook.

k this weekend if your a legit pua get out there &when you get that pussy then you gotta scalp a bitch. if you dont know what scalpin a bitch ill tell you son.  when your bangin a hella ratchet chick. you know shes ratchet if she has 2 kids  but is still at the Club tryin to get AFCs to buy her drinks &shit the pussy is hella bad but you hit it anyway cuz its mad easy. anyway when your bangin thats when you gotta bust the scalp move

distrackt her by bein all like “yo your pussy is hella ok after havin 2 kids but check this out look over there” then when shes distracted boom son you gotta steal her weave off the top of her  head. me &dave got hella scalps we hide em in daves sock droor.

its hella easy esp if shes drunk or on coke get out there get that ratchet pussy &get your self a scalp son

huge fake boobs big lips high heels stripper

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