get good at fukin!! and swole!!

so right its don juan john here ya’ll no wuts up anyways today we be talkin bout how to get  good at fucking chiks AND swole! this is some real shit man i cant even believe im bout to share this witchall but frank and dave invited me on here so whatever imma bout to blow yo minds with some REAL PUA shit nahmen

ok so everybody nos ladys like when you got muscles and shit and u know me i got mad fucking swoles and ladies be lovin my abs and shit but i dint get this way over night i put my time in and did sum work right. i know yall AFCs be looking for the right look but trust me it takes sum time and effort but i got the hook up., see my way aint just about getting big and shit cuz what else do ladys love? yeah homies who can fuck nahmean so imma get you swole AND champ in the bedroom.

so ya dis shit is simple too, so simple you mind gonna be like fuck man why didnt i think of this?! cause you aint a real PUA thats why but for real this shit i learned from my big bro james who is a NATRAL as fuk, he showed me how to do this when was was kids like when mom was passd out drunk and dad was off with his hookers wed go to the lving room and do these workouts.

the key to this is compound exersizes, like shit that works you whol,e body. you gotta get a couch (make sure it has cushins) and with sumone spotting of course, you fuck the couch rgiht. like hard. ushually like until you blow right and you can use a sock if you wnt but i love raw dawg nahmean. den you do it again for a couple sets. do this a bunch and soon your fukin SWOLE. like shit man i aint get no 6 pack doing crunches nahmean AND you fuck like a champ. bitches all up on me when i tell them wats up wit my exersize ruteens.

then like for arms and shit and take yo dads fleshlite and do a bunch of reps like real hard., you gots to feel the burn in yo arms. somtimes you gotta watch porn and stuf to keep going but its whatever its aight you know i dont mind watchin porn and shit even if i get bitches on the regular.

you do this for a few weeks and tryna tell me this shit dont work yull be getting MAD chicks just remmber who tot you this shit for real nahmean

yall no i would BEAT DAT UPPP

yall no i would BEAT DAT UPPP

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