gettin a cops phone number

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out i got pulled over by the cops. guess if you black out at a red light &it turns green before you wake up get pulled over even if you arent drivin any where. shit is hella gay

anyway got pulled over the cop was a chick and sorta hot hell yeah but for real she was bein a bitch. shes all ‘whaddup frank check this out. do you know why i pulled you over.” im all like ‘prob cuz you herd im a legit PUA” shes all “is that coke on youre nose”   im all ‘hell no what is coke but check this out do you have fake tities”

shes all ‘i am a offiser of the law but yes they are fake i just got em done’ boom pretty soon i got that number son plus she forgot to arrest me

for real tho remember not to black out when youre drivin to youre dealers house

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