hittin on chicks with the 3 second rule

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out since its saterday heres a Game chalenge for when your out partyin later.

ok the 3 second rule is the rule where if yo u see a chick w/fake tities you got 3 seconds to go up &get her to show you the tities. you gotta do it in 3 seconds  otherwise you might get AA (aproach anxiety). its hella easy son just go up to a chick &be all “yo whaddup your hella fly but check this out do you have real or fake tities” if you are a legit PUA or she is drunk she will prob just show you the tities esp if you tell her you work for girls gone wild

if you are a regular AFC you might wanna start out in a Strip club until you get used to seein tities tho

hot blonde spilling water on her big cleavage wet t shirt


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