how to AMOG dudes at the mall

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out today im gonna  teach you haow to AMOG dudes at the mall. the mall is a hella good place to pick up chicks but theres gonna be a fuckin shit load of AFCs there to fuck with your game.

security gards are pretty much the biggest fuckin AFCs on the hole planet these dudes suck so bad they cant even be real pigs. if you spit shitty game at that jewish chick that runs the keyosk &sells that hand shit she will call mall secureity hella fast i seen it happen. anyway so if some lame rent a pig shows up you just go up and youre all “whaddup bro is that a real flashlight. have you ever beet any dudes ass with it”. if you show some intrest he will wanna talk about his dumb ass job there you go you amogged the fuck out of this dude. be careful hell wanna hang out and shit if you talk to him too long.

ok next up is the gay dudes that work at hollister. these dudes are a mad fuckin pain in the ass because a. they wanna touch your dick in the changing room and b. they will cockblock the fuck out of you if you try to hit on there chick coworkers. youre gonna have  to AMOG these dudes hard as fuck. first off you gotta be all “yo check this out they are havin a huge sale on sented butt lube at that candle store you should pick some up” usually this will send them runnin out of the store   the chicks are all yours son

last theres that fuckin fat manager guy that works at orange julyus. this dude is a huge fag and will cock block you hard when youre making out with the counter chick for free orange julyus. hes always like “yo counter chick i aint payin you to make out with fuckin random dudes get to makin orange julyus or else your fuckin fired’. basically you have to tell this dude that theres a fire in the back and he needs to put that shit out or else his stupid ass mall food shop is gonna burn down. dude will fuckin split like speedy gonzalez.

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5 thoughts on “how to AMOG dudes at the mall

    • for real bro the jewish Hand salt chick is in like every mall. dunno if its the same chick tho their might be like different chicks

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