how to bang a native american chick

yo whaddup its f close frank. check this out last night i banged my first native american chick shit got crazy heres how i did it in case you want to bang a native american chick.

first off native american chicks hate white dudes so your gonna have to get your game on son. get your peecock on with some tradishonal native american bling. the more bling you got on the better native american chicks love that shit espeshully if its gold or dymonds. if you got bling on that makes chicks notice you at the club &tells chicks you got money like a legit PUA be careful tho native american chicks will come up and ask you if you are on disability &want you to buy drinks.  chump move son dont do it

hell yeah this is hella good native American bling

check this out this is hella good native American bling you best be takin notes son

ok next up you gotta open a native american chick this is what i said. “yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out you got a hella fly weave but are you native american.” she was laugin hella hard which is good cuz chicks love laughin. she’s all “check out this white boy” &i could tell her friends (also native american) are mad jellus. pretty soon im on the dance floor grindin on her big ass native american booty. we started makin out &went to the bath room to do some coke (this also works on japanese chicks) & wound up bangin. bad news tho she had full on national geografic tities shiit was hella gross not gonna lie. anyway got my nateive american chick notch &we got fryed chicken later

hell yeah native american chicks are hella fly

hell yeah native american chicks are hella fly

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