how to beet your girlfriends ass

yo whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out some times your girlfriend wont shut the fuck up or is being a bitch or whatever so you will need to beet her ass. the other day my main Girl was  bitchin at me for losing her cat. like i  know where it goes when im drunk. she wouldnt stop yelling  so i had to beet her ass. Heres how you do it

first off you will need a playstation 3 and call of duty. go turn on the play station 3 and put it on 2 playa (thats whats up). if you are legit you will already be  way good at call of duty. sit your girlfriend down  &give her the 2nt controler.  probably  your Girlfriend  hates video games so she wont want to play ‘ and sucks at it.  thats where you start beeting her ass.

play her for like 30-45 mins at least and  fuckin school the shit outta her.  i mean beet her fuckin stupid.  she will be so board and angry that she keeps losing she will never bitch at you agan garanteed

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