How to cure genital warts with bong water

i do NOT have genital warts, but a few of the girls i bang on the reg have girlie bits that look like a freshly stocked supermarket produce aisle. BUT broccoli beth and cauliflower cathy are two of my favorite bitches, so i try not to hate on them to much for their social afflictions.

as my boy F-Close Frank said in his article last month, any REAL player with a PUA attitude will eventually get a STD growing down there. even Social kenny PUA said the same thing on his website page !!!  a real player will have women begging for it in their mouth and pussy and in their ass, and the ass is the problem.  any smart guy can figure out that if you walk around with shit on your dick, youre bound to catch something !!!

so what to do?  the answer can be found in home remedies if youre too poor or embarrassed to go to the doctor. the best way to cure genital warts is to treet them with bong water. just soak a rag in the leftover angel spit and let it soak on your crotch while you fall asleep at night. i know for a FACT that this works because broccoli beth and cauliflower cathy do it all the time, and you can see the little shriveld up warts on the sheets in the morning after they fall off.  PRO TIP: DO NOT LET YOUR DOG EAT THEM BECASE THEY ARE NASTY!!!   the warts come back in like two days, but at least I get two full days of fucking them without catching anything.

next week i will post other home remedies on how to cure STDs with stuff around the house. for example, my sister grinds children’s tylenol tablets into a powder then forms a paste using jack daniels, but i don’t know what that’s for.   every time i ask her what its for she just says ‘you should know, asshole.’ HAHA !!!   i don’t know what that slut is trying to cure,  but i do know that whatever it is must be some really bad shit, so when i find out i will post it here as a tip.

you can’t be too careful out there as a PUA. there’s something growing on everything everywhere these days. make sure you ALWAYS wrap it up for safety unless you take a multivitimine an hour before sex to block all the STDs like a forcefield.

i’m DTF Dave. its all about the dick, so look down to see whats up. stay cla$$y, player.


huge tits on hot girl

you KNOW this bitch needs the angel spit cure !!! i’d totally still do her though !!!

—-twitter is for high school bitches but i got one anyway @bangsomechicks

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