how to dress for fashion bang some chicks style

yo whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out been gettin hella emails about  how to dress to get mad pussy so im gonna teach you how to look fly esp if you live in miami or are hittin the strip Club

1. hat. ok you are def gonna need a hat. no snapbacks unless you are mad gay. prefarably miami heat if you are a legit PUA. if you are wearin a bucks hat you fuckin suck keep that bill flat son dont shape that shit other wise you are gonna look like a cow boy or some shit. fuckin weak

miami heat hat

for real son keep it fresh got like 20 of these lids (NOT the same one tho get diff hats other wise chicks will wonder ‘hey is he only wearin 1 hat’)

2. dunks. chicks love shoes so if you want to fuck Chicks youre gonna need shoes son. there is never any reason to ware shoes other than air jordans for real bro shit is good for any Occashun. wedding funeral graduation strip club you name it air jordans are your dunks check it out.

air jordans

plus air jordans is hella good when you are runnin from the cops

2.shorts. if you live in miami it is hella hot dont even buy pants son shorts are wear its at. of course your gonna want miami heat shorts in case some AFC rolls up in like fuckin san antonio spurs shorts or whatever the fuck that way chicks know you are Legit plus your nuts will be hella aired out for real. if you dont live in miami tho you may want to consider pants

fuck yea go heat

fuck yea go heat

4. t shirt. cant go wrong with a gray t shirt playa

wear this shit get mad pussy

wear this shit get mad pussy

for real son there you go wear this shit your lookin fresh bang some chicks style get out there get that pussy son. go heat

hot blonde in bikini huge fake tits


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