how to dump a chick without her goin crazy & stealin all your shit

yo waddup its f-close frank. check this out if you are a legit PUA your gonna have to dump a lot of chicks because fuckin the same chick every day gets boring. you gotta be carefull other wise a chick will get all coked out &key the word “frank is a asshole’ on daves car or some shit. daves still pissed not my falt playa she was dumb as fuck besides dave drives a 1992 nissan sentra its a piece of shit anyway.

anyway when your gonna dump a chick DO NOT DUMP HER WHILE SHES ON COKE. like i said she will key daves car. make sure she is not drunk or high but if your gettin dump anxiety (kinda like aproach anxiety ) you can get a little fucked up first. i like to smoke a bowl so im chill.

heres the secret to dumpin a chick hella easy. make shure shes NOT at your house then text her that you have hurpies (even if you dont its ok to lie) garanteed she wont ever come over again unless she says she has hurpies already then you need to get youre dick checked playa.

for real tho dont really get hurpies just to dump a chick

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