how to fuck a japanese girl

yo whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out last weekend i banged my first japanese girl shit was off the hook. first off im gonna say whay you should fuck a japanese girl.

1.they are hella hot
2 they dont give a fuck if you play video Games
3. they talk all japanese &shit
4.they DO NOT have sideways pussys like dave said
5.youre friends will be mad jellus

ok now heres shit that kinda sucks about japanese girls
1.they want to play video games sometimes
2. they kinda sound like a pokiemon when you fuck them
3.sometimes there costume is hard to get off

anyway as you can see you  should for shure fuck a japanese Chick. heres how you do it. first off you want to go to a japanese chick convenshun. if you dont know where one is ask a nerd he will have that shit dialed cuz nerds jerk off to that shit. 2. youre gonna need to have a Costume so they think your japanese. i dressed up like that dude from dragon ball z chicks were all about gettin on my dick.

ok now that your in the convenshun with your costume just go up to japanese chicks all ‘yo whadup its f-close frank. check this out youre hella fly but is that a final fantasy costume. i got some coke lets check out this bath room.’ japanese chicks are all about a bad boy so you should dress up like a super villan or whatever before you bust the coke move. once you got her in the bath room LOCK THE DOOR otherwise nerds or other japanese chicks might come in and fuck up your game or want some of your coke. pretty soon your gettin that pussy son shit is mad easy

hot cosplay chick huge fake tits

shes hella fly can you beleive shes japanese

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9 thoughts on “how to fuck a japanese girl

    • whaddup steph check this out dunno if since steph is a chicks name its acshully youre bush if so thats cool do the same thing check it out if a chicks got a hella big Bush all you gotta do is this.

      get a Razer. be all like “yo check this out you got a hella good pussy but i got this kinky game i like to Play.” then you bust out a razer and some shave Cream &just shave that shit works every time son

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