how to fuck a pregnant chick

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out today i am gonna teach you some Techniqes on how to fuck a pregnent chick. me &dave both fuck  a lot of strippers so guarenteed if you bang strippers you are gonna  run across one who is pregnet.

heres why you should fuck a pregnant chick you can raw dog &its cool as long as you dont get a Disease. this is because you cant knock up a chick 2 times just 1 time and she is already knocked up. also pregnent chicks get bigger tities

ok 1st thing you gotta ask your self is how pregnent is she. like not very or what. there is 3 kinds of pregnet. 1.not very pregnent. this is fine its liek if they are a little chubby no big deal.  you can have reguler sex with a not very pregnant chick. DO NOT ask them to get a aborshun they will get pissed.

2. sorta pregnent. this is ok but they will have a big belly shit is gettin weird. you can usually hit it regular but dont make her get on top other wise youll see that belly shit is gettin hella gross

3.way pregnent. never banged a way pregnet chick but i saw a way pregnent stripper once she had a outie belly button &hella stretch marks but was still dancin gotta make that money son. check this out if youre gonna bang a way pregnetn chick watch out son there is a kid in there that could bite your dick. might as  well just bang a fat chick

there you go playa thats how you bang a pregnant chick

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