how to fuck foreign girls by social kenny PUA

yo whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out got this e book from my bro social kenny if you didnt know social kenny is a legit PUA. dude is always out gamin &writes hella good field Reports has tight game &even admits that he used to fuck fat bitches like that dude nigel. not many PUAs would own up to that so you know he is legit.

anyway my boy kenny wrote this e book called how to fuck forein girls. first off this book is hella good be cause kenny says that a girl doesnt have to be form korea or some shit to be foreign. like kenny says in his e book It’s any chick who’s unfamiliar to your town or country. That’s why I’ll use the term “Out- Of-Towner” a lot. this is way cool because i banged a bunch of chicks that werent from miami so i have banged foreign chicks even if they are from the usa.

like kenny says foregin girls are hella easy to bang they are not in their own house. theyre like at the beach or some shit so get that pussy son. all you gotta do is use kennys openers its all right there hella easy so dont be a fuck up go download that shit son. plus its free

download socail kenny PUA how to fuck foreign girls

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fuck yeah hope this chick is forein

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11 thoughts on “how to fuck foreign girls by social kenny PUA

    • Shiiit son! I never know you had to bang fat chicks to be a legit PUA. I’ve been aiming too light. Nigel, you know I’m hitting your blog up for some pointers and I can finally get my PUA scout badge.

      Kep fukin dem ho””s bro!

      • you dont have to but its all good if you need to bang some fat chicks whatever it takes to get that pussy son. check out nigel dude is the real shit when it comes to gettin that fat pussy

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