how to get laid on valentines day

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out last week was valintines Day. shit was mad gay but chicks love valentineds day so if you missed out youre fuckin up son. do that shit right next time heres how.

1. take her to a Movie &resterant

yeah right son thats AFC shit heres the real way cuz valentines day is for chumps. you gotta tell your chick its like a reguler day. act like you aint got nothin goin on &shes gonna get all Pissed off. chicks love valentines day cuz its about love &chicks love love so you gotta make it a big Surprize. heres how you get laid on valentines day

be like ‘ok were goin to mcdonalds do you want a mcburger.” &shes for shure gonna get pissed. then when shes good &pissed bust out the real shit

1. drive to mcdoalds
2.act like your gonna order then be like fuck you &drive off
3.take youre chick to the club
5. be liek happy valentines day girl i got us some coke
6.bang her in the bath room

shit is Romantic as fuck son try it

heres some titties

hot blond girl big fake tits white dress

check out jason capital &lern how to get laid

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