how to go to the clinic when you have a STD

yo whaddup its f-close frank. so check this out if you are a PUA garanteed you will get shit on youre dick at some point. dont worry about it too much the doctor can cure most things.

First off you are probably seeing that your dick is Itchy or kinda red or it hurts to pee or whatever. so if it doesnt go away after liek a month or so you should probably go to the doctor. this sucks because you will usually have to show a dude your dick. the doctor will probably bitch you out like hes your fuckin mom or whatever, maybe shove a q tip up your dick depending on what you have . usually its just sifallis and they just give you pills.   just dont fuck asian prostutes or mexican chicks otherwise you will get clamidia and that shit mad hurts like fuck trust me.

anyway get your ass to the clinic and get checked player

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3 thoughts on “how to go to the clinic when you have a STD

  1. Lol it’s so funny that I actually blogged about this not too long ago, that any real Alpha will get an STD at some point in his life. The Betas and AFC who read that post and commented cursed me out because they couldn’t understand that. But it’s mad true!

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