how to have sex with church chicks

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out you mite not tknow this but i used to go to church its hella boring. for real tho if your in high school gamin chicks at church is a hella good idea. sucks tho church chicks probly dont have fake tities.

anyway heres how you get that pussy at church. first off sit in the back only fags sit up front same thing when your in school. holla at some chicks when there tryin to find a place to sit. say ‘yo whaddup its f-close frank (or whatever youre name is) check this out youre hella fly but do you want to sit in the back &do some coke off the collection plate. ask jeezis he said its cool” if you drop the jeezis line for real church chicks will be all about doin some coke. even if they dont want to do coke church chicks love a bad boy so youll at least get a hand job for shure.

once you get the hand job tell her that you wanna check out sunday schoool but instead grab her hand (this is calle d bein a leader) &lead her into the broom closet. boom your gettin that pussy son. also make shure you yell out jeezis christ a few times while your bangin otherwise you might get banned from church

sexy nun with big tits

hell yeah check out those church tities

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