how to know if you will have sex with a girl fast using math

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out. so the other day me &dave made up this systum of how fast you can  bang a chick depending on some Factors that  i will share with you. that way you will know if ou can bang quick or  if you will have to put in some work.

start with 0 points &make sure you get a calculater playa
-works at a Strip Club or hooters +5 points
-has fake tities +10 points
-named some shit like amber or cinnamon +1 points
-really fat +100 points
-old+50 points
-ugly +20 points
-you have coke +50points
– sucked your dick in highshool +5 poitns
-has a lot  of tattoos +10 points
-has a kid +50 points (+100 points for each extra  kid)
– you met her on the internet +15 points
-drunk +20points
-lives near a walmart +5 points

ok now here is the other list
-she is a kinder garden teacher or some shit -15points
-hot -10 points
-already fucked dave -5 points
– no fake titties -5 points
-talks to jesus -50 points
-not drunk -10 points
– drunk but ate some food earlier -5points

0 points = who knows maybe you are gettin that pussy maybe not. get her drunk
50 points = ok chance of getting pussy
100 points = good chance of getting laid bring condoms
200 or more points = easy shit bro make sure you arent fuckin fat ugly chicks tho
-10 points = its lookin bad better buy some coke
-50 points or more = just go home & jerk your dick its easier

ok now you gotta do math which sucks but whatever. so lets say i met this girl thats a hot kinder garden teacher that dave fucked last week and shes talkin about jesus but she is drunk and has a kid and i have some coke. that means 0-10-15-5-50++20+50+50. the calculater says 40points. that means i have a OK chance of getting some pussy.

fake tits brunette at the beach

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