how to know if your dick is big or small

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out we got our first reader e mail this dude asked how do you know if your dick is big or small. its’ pretty  easy to know.

first off if you have to ask if your dick is small it is definitely not big.  chicks will tell you if its big. Like the ohter day  i was bangin my #2  girl and she’s all “yo frank your dick is hella big. havin a hard time suckin it”.  at least thats what i  think she said it was more like a bunch of mumbeling because she had my  dick in her mouth you know what i’m sayin.

so now you know if you have a big dick your chick will say some shit like that. i dont know really what its llike to have a small dick but i guess chicks would look all dissapointed and shit when you pull of your pants so maybe you should turn the lights off if you have a small dick. also make sure she is drunk then maybe she wont notice or  make fun of your dick

anyway thats whats up with knoing if you have a small dick or a big dick. keep it real playa

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3 thoughts on “how to know if your dick is big or small

  1. lol my brother this a good website page post. i always say it dont matter if your dick is big or small or not because if she is seeing it is already too late for her !!! she is going to suck it and fuck it anyway so who care how big it is !!!

    i have a big dick tho so maybe this matter to guys with little dick more. hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. If she cries with laughter then it turns to brutal sobbing at the moment of revelation. NOT THAT I WOULD KNOW. Oh, or if she calls it ‘cute’. You’ll know its a whopper if she texts her mom and her mom asks for pics.

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