how to meet chicks at a Coffee shop

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out i herd that a Coffe shop is a hella good place to meat chicks. coffee sucks but i went anyway

if you dont kno how to get coffie just go into a star bucks &you can get some. i went in &tried to hit on the star bucks counter chick 1st. im all like “. check htis out are you tryna do some coke or do you just drink coffie all day.’ shes all ‘sir if you aren t gonna order pleeze Leave the store’ shes hella lame but its whatever so i got some coffe.

next up theres this hella fly chick on a computer. heres a good line for chicks if their on the computer.

‘yo whaddup its f-close frank (or whatever your name is). check this out your hella fly but is that a real computer.”

thats called day game son

talk to her for a while about the Computer then tell her a story about how this one time you stold a computer from the high school &erased every bodys grades cuz you were failin school. then you got busted &had to do community service for like 3 months &youre dad was hella pissed but still baut you beer anyway. dads hella cool like that

anyway talk to some chicks at the cofffee shop son its hella easy. get that number &get that pussy

hot blonde in the coffee shop

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6 thoughts on “how to meet chicks at a Coffee shop

  1. This is some strong day game right here, F-Close Frank. You hit on a good point about their computers and whatever shit they may have.

    You may think that chicks don’t want to be disturbed when they’re at a coffee shop, but you’d be wrong about that.

    They want to be disturbed. And slept with.

    • whaddup jonny. hell yeah bro good seein you back youre site is hella tite bro. for real tho chicks love gettin talked to other wize they aint gettin that dick

  2. Heya waddu f-close frank and DTF dave this is vorth ur homie I commented some years ago ur wonderful blog im back to reading it i followed some advice from my nigga nigel form nigelbiggameblog and got into trouble with the law so had to go to prison but no worries imma back im glad i can read ur blog again its fantastic i havent getting pussy in a lon time because prison but i hope to use ur technique a lot

    thks again for this wonderfol site.

  3. Yo mein, this the Rawdog NasT from TX. If you didn’t hit it raw then you need to take that notch out yo belt son Cuz that’s just the same shit like if you jerked off in a plastic bag yo. This is the realest PUA blog. Motherfuckers know what’s up. I couldn’t stop laughing when I read this shit, and then I got to the beginning and I was like fuck there’s no more. Keep up the good work mad props

    • yo whaddup rawdog nasty thx for checkin out bang some chicks. hell yeah son you know Whats up for real unless your raw doggin shit aint even sex it dont count. gonna write some new shit soon son check back

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