how to not get butt-raped in jail

i had to go to jail for a few weeks because my sister cant KEEP HER MOUTH SHUT when it comes to private maders concerning the sell of certain substances. my own sister ratted me out even though she sells more than i do !!!

i think she was pissed off that i was cutting in to her major demographic at the elemtery school

the good thing is now i know how to tell you how to not get raped in the butt when you go to jail. if you are a REAL PUA player you will eventually go to jail for some shit you did while being genrally awesome and a winner at life

the guy who decided to play what-what in my butt was a little short guy about 5’1” so he was way shorter then me. he was either mexican or lebenese or something I CANT TELL THEM APART so i don’t really know. his shaved head had tattoos showing on them which scared me because i am white and the tattoos were not tribal like im used to

he made me dance like a stripper which was odd because i was in a holding tank with a bunch of other dudes and the cops were just standing there laughing.  the cops did not protect me all they did was offer the guy a condom because they said i looked dirty !!!

the little guy took a couple of blankets off the cot and put them up over the bars on the side like to make a little fortress of rape for my butthole. he was gentle at first when he kissed my neck but i still didn’t like it because  i’m not in to dudes

i know this website post is about how NOT to get raped in jail, but i got raped anyway. im telling you this advise based on looking back at what i should have done !!!

i should have used my teeth more while giving him oral, and i should have pooped on him when he tried to get into my butthole.

so the best way to not get raped in the butt by a mexican or lebenease guy in jail is to eat a lot of mexican or lebenease food before you get arrested.    this will make your breath smell bad so he wont want a blowjob and it will load your ass so full that you can use it as a cannon !!!   think of it as the equevelent of a girl with a stank pussy. once you get a whiff of that, you lose your boner and don’t want to fuck her no more. it is the same principle as this

i’m DTF Dave. its all about the dick, so look down to see whats up. stay cla$$y, player.

it was nothing like this at all !!!

it was like this only i was the bitch  🙁

—-twitter is for high school bitches but i got one anyway @bangsomechicks

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