how to pick up chicks at ihop

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out one of the  Best places to  pick up chicks is ihop. you kno the pancake place. if chicks are eatin pancakes  they put out. shit is sceince son

anyway heres how you get that pussy at ihop. first off go in at like 3 in the morning bars are closed chicks are gonna be hella drunk cuz you gotta be hella drunk to eat ihop. shit is mad gross for real

when you see a drunk chick eatin pancakes roll up &be all “yo whaddup its f-close frank (or whatever your name is_) check this out those look like hella good pancakes but are those blue berry.” she’ll be all “yeah there blueberry (or not if there straw berry whatevs doesnt matter)” thats when you hella quick just eat some of her pancakes. dont even  use a Fork or anything

this does 2 things first of all gets you free pancakes which is a hella good deal (free). 2td it shows the chick that youre a Dominent guy that just will walk up &eat some shit off a chicks plate. shit is legit son pretty soon after you eat her pancakes your eatin her pussy its that easy.

hot girl big tits with one leg

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2 thoughts on “how to pick up chicks at ihop

  1. these gals are the best they cant even run away if u know what i mean!!!!

    Theyre like BBW in terms of speed but they are slimmer! They’re the best!

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