how to pick up chicks at the beach

yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out if you are a legit PUA you know the best place to pick up chicks w/fake tities is at the Beach. tities are right there in your face cuz chicks will be wearin bikinis or may be if your at a nood beach then you will get to see tities for free unlike at a Strip Club where you gotta pay to see tities. anyway chicks are hella horny at the beach so get that pussy son.

ok heres what you gotta do playa

1. live near the beach. if you dont live near a beach youre fuckin up son. make shure its a good beach like miami has not some shitty beach like in fuckin massachusits or some shit. if you got a shity beach you got ugly chicks thats math son
2.if you dont live near the beach move some where that has a beach
3. now that your at the beach you gotta be lookin good hit the gym so chicks know your legit. insted of basketball shorts wear some swim shorts. since you are at the beach you dont gotta wear dunks tho just rock flip flops but ONLY at the beach otherwise that shit is hella gay

4. ok now you need some good openers. try this shit “yo whaddup its f-close frank (or whatever your name is) check this out your tities are gettin hella sun burned im a profeshonal sun tan loshun dude so lemme put some loshun on your tities.” this works cuz if a chick has fake tities she probly cant feel if shes gettin a sun burn.

after you do the loshun on the tities move all you gotta do is bust out your flask w/beach whiskey &get drunk with the chick its hella Romantic. pretty soon your gettin that pussy shit works every time son

for real tho dont be a fag check out the beach

sexy girl big tits tattoos at the beach in a bikini


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