how to pick up chicks at the Library

yo whaddup its f-close frank. chcek this out  if you like nerd chicks theres a hella good place to pick em up its called the Library. if you didnt kno its a place where they got books &nerd chicks love books

anyway so i was walkin around hileah &had to take a shit saw the Library on w 49th figured you could shit there for free. turns out you  can hell yeah so i take a hella big shit &then i see this nerd chick with big titties. i could tell shes a nerd cuz she had glasses &was readin a BOok. i was alll ‘yo whaddup its f-close frank. check this out that looks like a hella good book but is that 50 shades of Grey.” shes all hell yeah have you read it. i was all yeah its hella good anyway i got some coke do you wanna do some then ill domanate that pussy be hind the book shelf.” pretty soon i was boucin those tities around for real son shit is non ficshun

for real tho shits hella easy  go to the library get mad pussy &maybe read a book

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6 thoughts on “how to pick up chicks at the Library

  1. hiya Fclose FRank and DTF Dave dudes! its me vorth i commented o n nigel big game blogs! Man vI love ur work u guys rocks keep it up man that blonde bitch looks so intelligent and all i didnt know u dude were into smart girls too! so much classy girls to bang, life is wonderful

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